Here's Why Jackie's Text Messages Came Up On The 'LIB' Reunion 👀

jackelina and marshall love is blind season 4
Are 'LIB' S4's Jackie And Marshall Still Together?Netflix

Ah, can you hear that? It’s the sound of a brand new cast of reality stars clinking their golden goblets as they look for their one true love. Yep, Love Is Blind came back this spring for a wild season 4, with 12 episodes of drama, love, and breakups to binge.

The hit Netflix reality show tests the theory that love is, in essence, truly blind, and launches 30 singles from Seattle into the dating experiment of a lifetime. Participants make dating their full-time job for a few weeks as they get to know each other. The catch? They never get to see each other, and can only interact from dating "pods."

Couples can only reveal what they look like IRL if they decide to get engaged. After that, they are whisked off to Mexico for a "honeymoon," along with the rest of their newly engaged cast members. One thing is for sure: This show really knows how to up the drama factor.

While there are five (well, really seven, if you count breakups) couples to watch during season 4, one couple that has a lot of people scratching their heads is Jackelina "Jackie" Bonds, a 27-year-old dental hygienist, and Marshall Glaze, a 27-year-old marketing manager. (P.S. Marshall is cousins with Justin Glaze from The Bachelorette). While these two definitely have some sweet pod moments, they seem like a bit of an odd pairing. Naturally, everyone wants to know if their loves makes it to the altar and beyond.

Here's everything to know about where their 'ship stands today:

What happened during season 4?

These two are total opposites in the pods. Still, Marshall makes his intentions with Jackie very clear early on. Their relationship develops pretty quickly, and they seem to vibe really well together. Marshall reads Jackie a lot of poetry, which she tells him should be published. It's clear she is falling for him.

Unlike some of the other couples, these two don't really have any other major love interests in the pods, which eliminates the potential for awkward run-ins later on.

On paper, these two don’t quite seem to align. Jackie is super extroverted, sarcastic, and emotionally driven, while Marshall seems to be quieter, with a bit of a hot temper. Case in point: When Jackie tells Marshall she is choosing between him and one other guy, he storms out of the pod to confront him, leaving Jackie in tears.

They get engaged.

Drama aside, Marshall edges out the competition and proposes to Jackie. She says yes, and they have a very sweet reveal with an in-person proposal. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get a little misty-eyed.

Unfortunately, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies for these two on the trip to Mexico. That being said, at least they weren't having flirty conversations with other cast mates in the pool (ahem, Kwame and Micah). Still, their vibe feels a little off.

It doesn't help that Jackie tells the camera during a confessional that if she saw Marshall on a dating app, she would swipe left because she usually goes for guys who are taller than 6’5” with tattoos and basketball skills. Then, over lunch, she shares she’s worried she’ll go back to her “old ways” when she gets home. “It could be like the flip of a switch,” she says.

They don't make it to the altar.

Jackie and Marshall break up in episode 9 after a cliffhanger ending in episode 8. Things are clearly rough between them, especially when they show up separately to Chelsea's birthday party. Then, viewers learn that Jackie never showed up for her wedding dress shopping appointment and instead, is spotted out on a date with her ex, Josh.

"Losing you is my biggest regret. I do love you. I want to be together," Josh tells Jackie at one point.

Apparently, Marshall was "too sensitive" for Jackie, she tells the camera.

Jackie's text messages leaked.

During the reunion, Vanessa and Marshall discuss some "texts" Jackie sent to her friends. Jackie was not in attendance, and instead video called in with her new boyfriend Josh.

In the messages, which can be seen in full on TikTok, Jackie seemed to insinuate that Marshall was gay, and included several derogatory references to this end.

Marshall called for a "truce" at the reunion, before mentioning that he had already requested this.

Are they still together?

Nope. And things are very tense.

Jackie has been dating Josh, another contestant, for about a year now. They seemed very solidly in love at the reunion. On Marshall's side, he went on a date with another contestant, Kacia, before deciding not to pursue that route. He recently told People that he doesn’t have any lingering feelings for his ex-fiancée, Jackie. That was made very clear during the reunion, where he was clearly upset by the things Jackie said to others while they were dating.

Jackie never gave the ring back to Marshall, saying the show paid for it, not him. At the reunion, she claimed he wanted it back to propose to another contestant. Marshall countered that this was never his intention, and he only went on one date with Kacia.

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