How LGBTQIA+ streamer TheEret raised over $40,000 for a friend's medical bills

Like most streamers, TheEret started his Twitch channel for fun. So when he started an ongoing charity drive to pay off his friend’s medical bills, he never imagined he’d pay off all $39,432.61 in under a year. “Eight years of medical costs,” Eret said on the stream. “Paid off in ten months”. It started small. For Eret’s very first stream, he put up the modest goal of raising $100 for his friend Scot. Eret, whose real name is Alastair, is a student at the University of Southern California and one of the biggest LGBTQIA+ streamers on Twitch. Eret said his success is partly due to his association with Dream, a Minecraft YouTuber who boasts over 11.1 million subscribers. However, it’s also because he is openly bisexual. “since there isn’t much LGBTQIA+ representation on Twitch or in the gaming community in general, it’s been awesome to be there for that community”. And Eret has leveraged that visibility for good. Together with his friend and fellow streamer Jameskii, he raised a total of $54,000 for their mutual friend Scot