Lexus RX door handles review and reaction

The door handles in the Lexus RX are both push-button AND an old-fashioned double-pull lever. This is why. For more visit #lexus #lexusrx #rx

Video Transcript

- Let's talk door handles in the Lexus RX. This is electronic so you push this, door opens. But unlike, say, you know, Corvettes for years that had a push button and then it had a mechanical override down here you'd have to pull, well, this is actually its own mechanical override. So you pull it twice and it actually does engage it mechanically.

Now, why does it have this? Well, the reason besides just you know, kind of a "hey, look at me, mom"-- what it is, it's tied with the Blind Spot Warning System. And if the car detects that there's a cyclist coming or another car, it'll actually prevent the door from being opened with this electronic lock. Now, you could still override it and open your door into the cyclist, but please don't.