Let's unpack the Charli D'Amelio and Chase Hudson breakup drama

Though TikTok’s top star Charli D’Amelio and herboyfriend Chase “Lil Huddy” Hudson broke up backin April, the drama has just begun to unfold.Hudson had been accused of cheating onD’Amelio with Nessa Barrett at the time, butrumors came to a head on July 6.As people began sharing their theories andmembers of the famed Hype House began unfollowingeach other on social media, Hudson took to Twitter.He accused many of his famous friends, such asJosh Richards, Jaden Hossler, Griffin Johnson,Kio Cyr, Anthony Reeves and Bryce Hall of cheatingand other shady behavior in relationships.Hudson apologized to D’Amelio for his actionsbefore doubling down on the claims he made.“The only person who has a right to beupset with me is Charli … We broke up and Imessed up by kissing Nessa … I’m not going to letthese hypocrites try to ruin my life withouttheir lives being out on the internet too”.D’Amelio swiftly responded. “then you shouldn’thave come to my house after without tellingme …” she said in reference to Hudson’sadmission that he kissed Barrett.A few hours later, she posted another statementtelling him to “Stop deflecting you’re actions ontoothers because you can’t take responsibility” .“want me to talk about how you treated methroughout our relationship or do you justwant to continue to play the victim”.Hudson hasn’t commented on the mattersince he deleted all of his tweets, but hedid retweet a post from Hossler that said“we talked. No fighting. It’s settled”.It’s not clear where the relationships betweenother TikTokers stand at the moment, but we havea feeling it’s not quite “settled” yet

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