Let's Dive In and Flood This Water Sign With Lots of Love! Here Are the 14 Best Gifts for Pisces

We’ve assembled some gifts we think your water sign will love and cherish.

As of February 19, we are at the tail end of the zodiacPisces, a water sign represented by the fishes. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces people are big feelers, empathetic and according to Co-Star Astrology, “excessively romantic.” They are the friends who cry at all of the movies, give the biggest hugs and forgive all of your foibles.

Pisces are the lovers and dreamers among the astrological signs—highly emotional, passionate and artistic. Just look at some famous Pisces celebrating birthdays between now and March 20: Rihanna, Cindy Crawford, Emily Blunt, Drew Barrymore, Steph Curry, Common and Justin Bieber, to name only a few.

As the last of the astrological signs, they signal the very end of the seasons, a winter that will soon give way to spring and the beginning of the astrological calendar, Aries. But they aren’t wallflowers who go quietly into that good night. They are astute people, intuitive and sometimes a little psychic, who love comfort and luxury.

Shopping for gifts for your favorite Pisces is pretty easy but also a little pricey, as they love the finer things in life, items that feel good to the touch or make them feel good about themselves. So ahead, we’ve assembled some gifts we think your water sign will love and cherish.

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Pisces Gifts For Him

Mongolian Cashmere Cardigan Sweater ($89.90, originally $188 at Quince)

Quince is a newly discovered favorite of ours. The quality of their products is amazing, and their prices even more so. The cashmere they carry is soft and silky without breaking the bank, and we know he’ll love being seen in this stylishly warm cardigan made from ethically sourced Mongolian cashmere.

Every Man Jack Sandalwood Body Wash ($8.99 at Ulta)

There’s something really attractive about the smell of sandalwood, and this body wash from Every Man Jack. Made without those ugly phthalates, parabens, or dyes, it’s soothing and moisturizing thanks to the glycerin and coconut.

Tom Ford Black Orchid Eau de Parfum ($150 at Sephora)

Technically, this fragrance is genderless—furthermore, it’s also timeless and incredibly sexy. People will stop him on the streets wearing this proprietary mix of orchid, black truffle, and ylang ylang. Sounds like it shouldn’t work, but boy oh boy does it ever.

Illuminated Constellation Cufflinks ($85 at UncommonGoods)

These blue and silver cufflinks are dazzlingly beautiful, but guess what else? They glow in the dark! How cool is that? Pisces like to be unique and stand out, which he will when wearing these cufflinks, handmade in New Jersey.

Pisces Gifts For Her

Mercury Retrograde Protection Necklace ($60 at UncommonGoods)

As sensitive signs, Pisces might need extra protection from the whims of Mercury in retrograde, which as we know messes with just about everything in our lives. The maker calls them “jewels for bad juju,” and we know your Pisces will appreciate the extra mojo when navigating a distinctively ugly time.

Mongolian Cashmere Robe ($169.90, originally $325 at Quince)

She’ll feel the luxury in this soft and snuggly robe made from the same ethically sourced cashmere as the men’s cardigan. It’s just the right length, so it’s not too long or too short, and has deep pockets. Morning coffee might last well into the afternoon in this robe.

Fresh Sugar Lip Balm Hydrating Treatment ($25 at Sephora)

We never leave the house without this lip balm, with its just right tinted formula that doesn’t leave a heavy color, but brightens up any lips. It’s so hydrating and feels luscious on your lips. This might seem costly for lip balm but trust us when we say it’s worth it.

Sephora Collection Complete Brush Set ($49 at Sephora)

As rabid collectors of makeup brushes, we know this set from Sephora is one of the best. Soft and silky, they apply makeup like a professional. They’re also vegan, so the sensitive Pisces will appreciate that no animals were harmed in their making.

Pisces Gifts For Both

NEST New York Wild Mint & Eucalyptus 3-Wick Candle ($57, originally $78 at Amazon)

In addition to smelling like heaven, this candle looks beautiful in the home. The etched glass classes up the place, and we love that there’s no ugly sticker to remove from a NEST candle. The box is beautiful and they make lovely gifts. There are other scents, but we love the relaxing aroma of the mint and eucalyptus, perfect after a day of Pisces over-thinking.

Luxe Italian Cotton Hotel Sheet Set ($159.90, originally $373 at Quince)

The key to the comfort of these sheets is the long-staple cotton, made by Italian artisans outside Florence. Luxury sheet lovers know that sometimes a high thread count hides lower quality cotton, and it’s the length of the cotton that matters most. The attention to detail with the satin embroidery just adds to the overall quality.

vVardis White Enamel Anti-Aging Ritual ($199 at Amazon)

The Swiss dentists—Drs. Haleh and Golnar Abivardi—at vVardis use biomimetic dental science to create this system to protect and rejuvenate tooth enamel, giving it both strength and protection against decay while whitening the surfaces to make a beautiful smile.

Aesop Reverence Aromatique Hand Wash ($41, originally $70.13 at Amazon)

One reviewer said this moisturizing hand soap smells like sophistication, and we’d have to agree. Not only does it smell fantastic, with hints of bergamot, it contains trace amounts of pumice to gently exfoliate your hands as you wash them, leaving them smooth and clean.

Salts of the Earth Body Scrub ($48 at Ulta)

One of the more vain astrological signs, Pisces will love scrubbing off the day with this hydrating and exfoliating body scrub, made from mineral salts, seaweed, and shea butter. According to one reviewer, it’s basically a spa in a jar, and who doesn’t want that?

Written in the Stars: Astrology Chart Class ($60 at UncommonGoods)

Pisces are curious creatures and are deeply in touch with the world around them, so give them a gift of knowledge about the astrology charts with this 75-minute class with Emily Klintworth. They will love learning what’s ahead for themselves in the coming year, as each individual leaves with a full guide based on their sign.