Let’s Break Down the ‘Freeridge’ Season 1 Ending, Shall We?

freeridge l to r tenzing trainor as cameron, bryana salaz as ines, keyla monterroso mejia as gloria, ciara riley wilson as demi in episode 108 of freeridge cr courtesy of netflix © 2022
Let’s Break Down the ‘Freeridge’ Season 1 EndingNetflix

If you've been watching Freeridge, then you already know how amazing it is to be back in our favorite L.A. neighborhood as we follow a brand-new core four. Curses, gnomes, and witches are just some of the wild stuff we've encountered along the way, but nothing could have prepared us for the surprising finale featuring one of the most heartbreaking twists we've seen from the series yet. Ready to revisit the ending?

Here is the ultimate recap of Freeridge season 1’s finale.

Okay, so what's going on with our new pair of BFFs?

Oh, you mean Gloria and Mariluna? They are absolutely living it up in Mariluna's beautiful mansion playing board games, hanging out by the pool, and spending time with Rusty. Meanwhile, Ines is still mad at Tonio after finding out that he actually hired Rusty to distract Gloria after learning about Javier's cancer diagnosis.

Turns out, it's also Thanksgiving. Javier says they won't be having a traditional Thanksgiving this year and instead Lucia has made reservations for them at a local restaurant. Gloria still refuses to talk to her sister, and Ines decides to confide in Demi about what she knows.

Ines suggests they show Gloria the Craigslist ad so they know that she isn't lying when they tell her about it, but they find out Tonio actually deleted it the night before. Hearing that everyone has bad Thanksgiving plans, Gloria suggests they all head over to Mariluna's for dinner.

freeridge michael solomon as rusty in episode 108 of freeridge cr kevin estradanetflix © 2022

And what about Demi and Cam?

As they're making out over at Demi's, she starts to notice that things between them are changing. They both admit the relationship has fizzled since they went public, as the most exciting part was hiding it. They mutually decide to break up so they can figure everything out separately as friends.

Suddenly, Andre comes in and shares that his new BF wants him to meet his parents later that night. Andre says he feels like his new guy is too needy, which gives him a revelation about what he was like in his relationship with Cam. Andre asks them to help him figure out a plan to skip out on Thanksgiving plans.

freeridge l to r ciara riley wilson as demi, zaire adams as andre in episode 108 of freeridge cr courtesy of netflix © 2022

So is everyone just hanging out at Mariluna's?

Pretty much! Geny and Ruben are the first to arrive, and they reveal Mario is in NY while Ruby is in Marin with his friends. Things are a little awkward between the newly-found family members, and Gloria tries to help ease things. Unfortunately, Davina runs in and lets Gloria know the oven is smoking after Tupperware was left inside.

Tonio comes to the rescue with a turkey, only it's not cooked... Demi puts Cam and Davina to work in the kitchen to prepare a meal as Ines calls her dad to check on him. He says he's noticed her and Gloria fighting recently and he hopes they work everything out. Ines gets Cam and Demi and tells them they have to come clean to Gloria.

Gloria then enters, and Ines finally reveals the truth. Gloria tells her that she doesn't believe her, especially after Ines lied to her about having a girlfriend, and she also says, "You are a curse. You're the reason mom died," claiming their mother's cancer showed up after she was pregnant with Ines.

freeridge l to r tenzing trainor as cameron, bryana salaz as ines, ciara riley wilson as demi in episode 108 of freeridge cr kevin estradanetflix © 2022
Kevin Estrada - Netflix

This is going to be the most awkward Thanksgiving dinner ever...

Mariluna gathers everyone together for dinner and tells Geny and Ruben how excited she is finally to have a family again. After Rusty makes a speech about how he's happy to be part of the group, Gloria asks him if Tonio really paid him to be her fake boyfriend. He tells her the truth and says he stopped taking the money when he realized he had feelings for her. She tells him, "How would you know what love is when your own mother never loved you?" They both leave the table, and Mariluna goes to comfort Gloria.

Mariluna tells her that Rusty does in fact love her and she should rethink what just happened. She also reveals to Gloria that she has a special surprise for her, but she needs to gather everyone to get it.

Outside, Ines talks to Rusty and tells him to stop lying about being in love with Gloria. Rusty insists that his feelings for her are real but Ines still has feelings for him. He tells her to kiss him so she can get it out of her system, but then they start making out with each other. Gloria comes outside but doesn't see them kissing, asks for their forgiveness, and also decides to forgive both of them.

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But wait, what was the surprise?

With everyone over at Mariluna's office, she reveals a giant check. She decides to give Gloria a choice: she can get a million dollars now or she can spend the million in three months "with nothing to show for it" and then get $10 million. The group is confused about the terms, and she notes:

  • You can't buy anything you can keep.

  • You just need to spend the money, but you also can't waste it.

  • If you fail, you get nothing.

Demi points out that this doesn't make sense, while Cam believes it's actually a lot easier than they think. Geny and Ruben come in and say they're leaving and Mariluna walks them out, giving the group some time to think about what they want to do.

Outside of Mariluna's house, two members of the Santos as seen driving by and notice her coming out to say goodbye to her nephew and niece-in-law. They see how rich she is and believe her to be Marisol.

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What happens next?!

The Santos confront Mariluna and ask her about the Rollerworld money. She tells them they are mistaking her for her twin sister, but they don't believe her.

Back in the office, Gloria and the group decide to try to spend the money to get the $10 million. However, they soon hear a gunshot go off outside.

Two pairs of white Nikes are seen running away outside, as Mariluna's feet as seen slumping out the front seat of her car, hinting that she may be dead.

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There's going to be a season 2, right?!

We sure hope so! Netflix hasn't made any official announcements about a potential Freeridge season 2 just yet, but given how the season ended (and the fact that so many fans love the show), we're hoping it does return so we can see what happens next...and whether Mariluna survived or not.

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