Leonardo DiCaprio Is Back On the Prowl With His Eyes Reportedly "Set" On Gigi Hadid

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Good people, my plea to you this fine Wednesday afternoon is this: Do not let the circus that is the Don't Worry Darling press tour distract you from the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio is very much back on these streets looking for his next lil tenderoni post-breakup with Camila Morrone.

But maybe you youths don't have to take cover just yet, since Leo currently has "his sights set on Gigi (Hadid)," according to what a source revealed in the latest issue of Us Weekly. But get this: "She hasn’t shown an interest” and "doesn't have her sights on him," the insider said, adding that "they’re friends, but she doesn’t want to be romantic with [him] right now.” Power. Move.

A long-running internet (and IRL) joke is that Leo notoriously dates women significantly younger than him, specifically those between the ages of 18 and 24. And once those little ladies age out and start to see the other side of their 20s, it's sayonara. But... is Leo? Changing? His ways??? I mean, Gigi is 27 years old (gasp!).

Camila and Leo dated for more than four years and recently ended things back in August. An Us source said they broke up because “Leo and Camila just weren’t having fun anymore,” but be for real...she turned 25 in June, and then they're suddenly over by the end of August? When they were just spending the Fourth of July together in Malibu?? Call me a conspiracy theorist, but the math is quite literally mathing here!! The same breakup source went on, saying, “The honeymoon phase was over and things faded out.” Which, sure, fair. I guess. But pretty much me and the rest of the world have several questions that sound like this:

Even so, Camila doesn't seem to be sweating Leo's new romantic pursuits since a source told People that she "is doing fine" and "is moving on with her life." And very much so, as she was celebrating Kaia Gerber's 21st birthday in super fab fashion. Loving all of this for her. Be young, single, and free, babe!

I guess, like, stay tuned to see if we'll enter our Leo-and-Gigi-dating-era???

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