Leo Trailer: Adam Sandler Plays Lizard on Brink of Death

Adam Sandler’s next film is about an aging class pet who discovers he has just one year left to live - and as you can see in this newly released trailer, he’s going out in style.

Sandler plays the lead lizard in Leo, with the actor and comedian reteaming with his daughters, Sadie and Sunny. They’re cast as students at his Florida elementary school who, like Leo, are preparing for their last year.


Leo is best friends with a turtle (Bill Burr), and together, the pair devise a plan to escape Fort Myers Elementary and live his bucket list of dream experiences. These include hitching a ride on a drone, and smashing his way through a LEGO city like a miniature Godzilla.

Leo releases on Netflix November 21, followed in December by Zack Synder’s Rebel Moon. Take a look at the new Rebel Moon trailer.