Your Leo Monthly Horoscope

Photo credit: Getty/Katie Czerwinski
Photo credit: Getty/Katie Czerwinski

From Cosmopolitan

Your Key Dates

  • September 14: Make a date with your banker

  • September 23: Hang with your friends, but avoid the grapevine

  • September 28: Find inspo in your community

Leo season is officially over even though it feels like it was just yesterday. To you, every day is worth celebrating, but this mentality may be hurting your bank account. I know you’re zodiac royalty and you shouldn’t have to worry about finances, but for the first few weeks of September, remember that budgeting doesn’t have to be a bummer. Monetary freedom will help you ensure that you’re always wearing the crown.

On September 14, the Full Moon in Pisces will help you identify holes in your financial planning. Believe it or not, money is actually an emotional frequency that blends quantitative and qualitative values. With your sensitivities aligned with your financial structures, you will need to address whatever you’ve been avoiding. Money flows when your emotional channels are unobstructed, so if debt or loans are hanging over your head, focus on paying those down.

What’s even more frustrating than calculating profit and loss? Dealing with life’s boring mundanities. Since late April, Saturn—the task-master of the zodiac—has been going retrograde in the area of your chart connected to daily schedules, calendar management, and exercise routines. These matters are always annoying to a glamorous lion, but no thanks to Saturn’s slow, backwards spin, it’s really been killing your vibe. Thankfully, Saturn goes direct on September 18, and you’ll no longer feel like you’re spinning your wheels. Now, you’ll begin to reap the rewards of all your hard-work—finally, a little recognition!

The Sun moves into Libra on September 23, highlighting the area of your chart linked to your local community. Under the sky, you’ll be eager to strengthen your bonds with peers—which means a lot more time with your colleagues or classmates. But be careful: You’ll be hanging out by the water cooler, so gossip will be headed your way. Although every lion wants to stay in the know, you need to make sure you’re not getting in over your head. Don’t be held responsible for spreading rumors you didn’t even start.

Finally, the month concludes with a New Moon on September 28. Also in Libra, this lunation will bring an emotional depth to your experiences. How can you stay in the loop without feeding the rumor mill? Practice actively listening to your community. What are the popular trends, thoughts, and ideas? How could these shared interests fuel your own art? This insight may help strengthen your professional or creative choices, as well as your own emotional growth.

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