Lenny Kravitz designed Stanley House, a luxury vacation home with a basement nightclub

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Lenny Kravitz is the creative director behind the dream vacation home Stanley House. If you’ve peeped Kravitz’s Brazilian compound home or follow Kravitz Design, then you know the rock and roll legend has got a knack for intriguing interiors. Located in the Hollywood Hills, this 10,700-square-foot property has a 270-degree view of downtown Los Angeles and Santa Monica. 

Matt Lyons of Lyons Development gave In The Know a tour of the sprawling estate.

“What’s really special about the home is the exotic features that are throughout,” Lyons told In The Know. “You have exotic woods and stones and heated floors. You have a night club that is very not typical of most homes, even of this caliber. You have a screening room, you have a seven-car covered garage space.”

Stanley House’s main entrance features a volcanic rock waterway moat. The ground floor has a 15-foot-wide fireplace, secret garden passageway and 85-inch television. But down the floating staircase, there’s a nightclub and 1700-bottle wine cellar. The subterranean level is set up like a huge bar and lounge.

“We have a full service bar, a massive video wall system,” Lyons told In The Know. “We designed this nightclub seating, we wanted to be able to stay at the house and bring the party to you. So you never actually have to leave.”

Stanley House’s elevation means you’ve still got a massive aerial view of L.A. even from the basement. But you can also enjoy the scenery from outside. The outdoor patio has a cliff-side infinity pool with underwater speakers, a spa and Baha shelf.

If you’re on the hunt for a luxury vacation house in the City of Angels, Stanley House might be exactly what you’re looking for.

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