Lemon squeezing is now 1,000 times easier, and we have TikTok to thank

A TikTok user is earning plenty of online praise after sharing her “surprising” kitchen discovery.

Johanna Westbrook, who lives in Dallas, shared a video of the newfound hack on May 13.

Her clip, which has since racked up more

than 1.7 million views, demonstrates a method for juicing fruit that many users said they’d never even thought of trying.

Westbrook, who says in her video that she originally saw

the hack elsewhere on TikTok, begins by stabbing a long, wooden skewer into what she calls the “butt” of a lemon.

Then, she removes the stick and holds the lemon over a glass bowl, squeezing out a significant amount of juice with ease.

“Legit didn’t think this

would work,” Westbrook captioned her video.

Her video sparked similar reactions from several commenters, who called the method “surprising”

or wrote that they’d be trying it immediately.

Some users were less positive though, writing that the method isn’t as easy to pull off as it seems