Leila Janah, Global Economic Advocate

Leila Janah is the founder and CEO of Samasource, a nonprofit that connects people living in poverty to work using the Internet. Janah first developed the idea while working as a management consultant at Katzenbach Partners (now Booz & Company) where her clients included global leaders in the outsourcing and telecom sectors and nonprofit organizations.

She is a recipient of the Rainer Arnhold and TEDIndia Fellowships and currently serves on the San Francisco board to the Social Enterprise Institute. Along with Professors Thomas Pogge and Aiden Hollis, she founded Incentives for Global Health where she helped produce a plan to incentivize the development of new drugs for neglected diseases. She is a former Visiting Scholar at the Stanford Program on Global Justice and the Center for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics at Australian National University and a graduate of Harvard University.