Pre-Black Friday alert: Super Mario LEGO sets are on sale at Amazon, starting at $24

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Kids can guide the Mario Bros. through courses they build with their own hands.
Mario and Luigi have their ups and downs with these LEGO kits. (Photo: LEGO / Nintendo)

Kids love video games, but let’s be honest, we'd all love to see them break away from the screens and play with actual toys that spark imaginative play. Why not compromise with some interactive video game-themed LEGO sets that bring one of their favorite games, Super Mario Bros., into the real world? They can have fun building these sets, then use them to reenact their favorite scenes from the games. With enough bells and whistles (and LCD screens) to keep kids engaged, these LEGO sets are a great blend of tactile and tech. Even better — a few of them are on sale right now, so you can scoop them up in advance of the holiday rush.

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Mario faces off against Koopas on a LEGO set.
Make Mario run, jump and dodge enemies IRL with this 231-piece starter pack. (Photo: LEGO / Nintendo)

To get started, a kid needs, well, a starter pack. This one packs in a few platforms; it comes with Mario, some enemies for him to squish and, of course, a famous warp pipe! The little screen in Marios chest shows power-ups, and makes the right game noise to accompany each action, so it really does feel like playing the game in real life.

One dad says it's "incredible," "so cool" and he'd "give it more stars if I could." This shopper gave it to their nephew, but "was pleasantly surprised to learn that the figure makes sounds and even the eyes are digitally blinking." This grandparent says it's "well worth the money," and right now you can grab it for only $48, a 20 percent discount from its usual price of $60!

$48 $60 at Amazon

LEGO Luigi hitting a
LEGO Luigi loves hitting those question-mark blocks. (Photo: LEGO / Nintendo)

But what if Mario isn’t a kid’s favorite character? What if they’re a younger sibling and identify more with Mario’s brother Luigi? Well, they can have their very own starter set with the green-clad plumber. This one was released more recently so it’s not always as cheap as the original sets, but fans of games like Luigi’s Mansion will still be thrilled to check it out, especially when it's on sale for $48, down from $60.

One parent loved the attention to detail: "Luigi being a hair taller than Mario, just like in the actual game," while another shopper says it "holds true to the quality and value that [LEGO and Nintendo] have always demonstrated," calling it a "home run."

$48 $60 at Amazon

Mario and Yoshi at home
Mario can feel right at home in this cozy cottage. (Photo: LEGO / Nintendo)

Once a kid has got one — or two — starter sets they’re going to want to expand their little LEGO plumber’s adventures, and they can grab a set like this adorable house that comes with a hammock and Mario’s best friend, Yoshi! It's $24 right now, 20 percent off from its usual $30 cost.

This shopper loves the set because "it's so cute!" And this parent really enjoyed the app, because "it keeps track of your coins and has your little Lego Mario Land from the sets you have and you can see other people's courses too. Is it an extra step, absolutely, but I feel like Lego made it so you had to get the app so you can get the full Lego Mario experience [...] my son loves it and I'm definitely getting more."

$24 $30 at Amazon

Shy Guy and Boomer Bill will take down Mario.
Can Mario escape the dangerous Boomer Bills? (Photo: LEGO / Nintendo)

For a slightly more intense Super Mario adventure, you can add the villainous Boomer Bill for Mario or Luigi to dodge, along with a mischievous Shy Guy to mix things up a bit!

This uncle bought it "for my nephew to add to his ever expanding Mario Legos that he already owns. This was super easy for him to put together, but fun all the same. This looks great with his current set, and helps him expand his fun and creativity."

$29 at Amazon

Mario leaps through the (LEGO) sky.
Mario can't fly, but he can at least jump on clouds, with this 484-piece interactive set. (Photo: LEGO / Nintendo)

When kids have their head in the clouds, why not meet them there with this Sky World expansion kit, which brings plenty of troublesome enemies into the orbit of our heroic plumber brothers. It’s normally $40, but right now it’s a more affordable $32 and will add hours of fun!

It's an "easy set up" according to this grandparent, while this shopper just loves "the mash up of the LEGO universe and the Nintendo world. More please."

$32 $40 at Amazon

Sumo Bro on a tilting LEGO tower.
Look out below, Mario! (Photo: LEGO / Nintendo)

Even fans of the tough Sumo Bro won’t feel left out, thanks to this tipsy tower set that lets kids take down their mighty foes by having Mario or Luigi jump on the levers — that they build themselves, of course. There’s so much to do with each Mario set, and this particular challenge is reasonably priced at LEGO Super Mario Boss Sumo Bro Topple Tower Expansion Set right now, a 20 percent discount.

One grandmother who bought it says, "Toys are different these days — there are bar codes to swipe as you play, and apps must be downloaded which this grandma knows nothing about, but thank goodness my son does! His son liked it."

$24 $30 at Amazon

Kids can build their own level for Mario and Luigi.
A child can design their own Super Mario LEGO courses with this colorful set. (Photo: LEGO / Nintendo)

If your kid is ready for a whole new level, it’s time to splurge on this large 366 piece set that lets children design their own adventures for Mario and Luigi. If they’re already fans of games like Super Mario Maker they’ll love being able to physical snap platforms into place, and you’ll love that they can play with siblings and friends.

This shopper feels it's "awesome if you are a Mario fan. You need a tablet with the app but it directs you on assembly and it's a playable game that you can customize." And one grandparent says their grandson "really enjoys pretending to be in the games with the sets." Right now it's on sale for 20 percent off, down from $60 to a friendlier $48.

$48 $60 at Amazon

Bzzz buzzz Mario can wear this yellow outfit to be a bee.
Mario will make one adorable bee with this pair of overalls and hat. (Photo: LEGO / Nintendo)

Looking for a few stocking stuffers? You can power-up Mario or Luigi thanks to these affordable costumes that will allow them to gather more coins as they traverse the courses your child has built, as well as adding some extra charming sound effects. Ever wondered what Mario sounds like as a bee? You can find out with this $9 accessory for the basic starter sets!

Kids love it, with this customer's child finding it "'fun to be able to change Mario around." And one grandparent was thrilled: "I absolutely love how these legos interact with each other. I was amazed how they are like playing the online game. My grandson loves them all."

$9 $10 at Amazon

Mario is a raccoon dog.
LEGO Mario won't fly, but he'll still make a great raccoon dog in this click-on costume. (Photo: LEGO / Nintendo)

One of Mario’s more famous costumes is the tanooki suit — that’s basically a raccoon dog, and in the video games the outfit lets Mario fly. This LEGO version won’t allow flight, but it does get the plumber a few extra coins as he completes courses, and it’s super cute!

A smart shopper offers this advice: "If you love Super Mario 3, then this suit is a must. [...] This is a great add-on to the Mario collection and of course it doesn’t come with Mario for only $10. Only the $60 starter set does and Mario is grayed out on all other sets to signifying that he doesn’t come with the set. [...] This set is awesome and is a great way to get a lot of coins."

$9 $10 at Amazon

Mario dressed as a frog, hopping about.
Mario is a frog, ribbit ribbit. (Photo: LEGO / Nintendo)

If your child likes frogs, then this power-up is just their jam! Not only does it offer Mario or Luigi extra coins, but it adds splashing sounds to their jumps. It’s great for kids who like to build water-themed courses, and it even includes a few water and lily pad elements to help them get started. And it's got a 90 percent approval rating on Amazon — where you can snag it for only $6.50!

$6.50 $10 at Amazon

Mario dressed as a penguin, waddle waddle waddle.
Mario is fetching in this penguin outfit. (Photo: LEGO / Nintendo)

Another power-up that’s currently 20 percent off is this charming penguin costume, one which will have kids doing belly-slides with Mario to earn extra coins. Normally it’s $10, but you can grab it right now for $8!

Almost 1,000 shoppers loved this set, with one calling it "such a fun addition to your Lego Mario set! He mimics the sliding sounds present in the game without having to do anything extra. Mario recognizes your new Penguin Power Up and entertains the kids and adults alike! Highly recommend!"

$8 $10 at Amazon

There are multiple places where Mario can jump to activate this set.
Put Mario through his toughest challenge yet in this LEGO kit! (Photo: LEGO / Nintendo)

Finally, when your child or grandchild is ready for an even bigger challenge, you should pick up this Reznor Knockdown expansion set that adds a whopping 862 pieces to their existing Super Mario LEGO setup. It adds more characters like a blue Toad and two frightening rhino-like enemies for the plumber to avoid.

It may seem daunting, but one grandparent bought it for their six-year grandson, who "built this on his own" for his birthday. And it’s only $56, a twenty percent discount from its usual high price of $70.

$56 $70 at Amazon

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