The New LEGO Christmas Tree Set Might Just Be the Hard-to-Find Gift of 2022

lego christmas tree set
Here's Where to Buy the Lego Christmas Tree SetLEGO

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Parents, the holiday shopping scramble is on. As you compile your holiday shopping list (and check it twice!), you're likely to take a look at the top toys of the year, and sometimes those best-sellers can be hard to find. That seems to be the case with this new Christmas Tree LEGO set.

We love to give LEGO sets as gifts. They're timeless, interactive, and get kids (and adults!) off of their screens. And we love the tradition of LEGO advent calendars and holiday decor. That's why this new set has ended up on so many lists this year.

The LEGO Christmas Tree (40573) kit, for ages 12+, is a great family build. It comes with 784 pieces, including ornaments, candles, a decorative mat, and a yellow star tree-topper. You have choices with this set: you can opt for one larger 11-inch tree or two smaller trees (9 and 6 inches).

But if you're looking for it at your normal online shopping spots, you'll see a high price tag, or you might not find it at all. The reason is simple: The set is exclusive to and LEGO stores. When shopping directly from the retailer, the price is $44.99. It's available now, so you'll receive it in plenty of time for the holidays. Plus, offers free shipping for purchases over $35.

Now, you can find this set at online retailers like Amazon and Walmart, but those items are sold by third-party sellers, often for a significant markup (we've seen them listed as much as 2 to 3 times the purchase price). So the safest bet is to go straight to the source.

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