Lego BMW Isetta needs a push toward the big stage

Tony Markovich

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Just about the only way to make a BMW Isetta cuter, other than turning it into a convertible, is turning it into a toy. One person in the Lego Ideas community is trying to make that happen, but the creative model needs votes of support to become a reality. 

Others have attempted building a BMW Isetta out of Lego bricks before, but no examples have been as convincing as the design from Jimmi-DK. Jimmi has a wide range of ideas he's built, including a KITT car, a Mars rover, the Titanic and a Sony Walkman, among others. Jimmi was inspired to build an Isetta, in part, by childhood memories.

"I remember seeing one of these cars for the first time as a kid," he wrote in the Lego's description. "I was very intrigued by the unusual design with only one door at the front, and the narrow distance between the rear wheels."

To craft the popular microcar, Jimmi used 851 pieces. The toy car is 8.7 inches long, 5.2 inches wide and 5.0 inches high. Just like the real car, the Lego Isetta's single door opens from the front, with the pivoting steering wheel attached to the door. "This mechanism was a bit tricky to make," Jimmi said. 

The builder also notes, "It was also a challenge to capture the curved shapes of the car and the interior." The result is a blockier and edgier body, but it stays close to the original design and still embodies the personality of the real Isetta.

As of this writing, the Lego Isetta has 2,062 votes, but in order to be reviewed by experts to eventually be put into production, it needs to reach 10,000 votes. Visit Lego Ideas to see more of Jimmi's work and to vote.


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