LeAnn Rimes Get Brutally Honest as She Gives Fans an Emotional Health Update

LeAnn Rimes Get Brutally Honest as She Gives Fans an Emotional Health Update

LeAnn Rimes shared an update on her health with fans, and we are sending her our well-wishes as she continues recovering.

Back in December, the Grammy-winning singer was forced to cancel shows after an illness. In a hand-written statement on Instagram, LeAnn revealed that, after a bout with the flu, "my doctor discovered a bleed on my vocal chord, caused by the violent cough that came with being sick."

Leann was back on her feet and singing soon enough after complete vocal rest, but months later, she is still not at 100%. Leann has been performing across the globe and recently traveled to Hawaii to celebrate her anniversary to her husband Eddie Cibrian, but she reminded fans that things are not always as they seem on social media.

In the middle of posts that show LeAnn laughing, twirling in the sunlight, rapping to Salt-n-Pepa, she shared her health update paired with a photo of her resting with her arm across her forehead.

leann rimes health news on instagram
LeAnn Rimes/Instagram

LeAnn, who has been transparent about her struggle with anxiety and depression, wrote, "To keep it real...I'm struggling in between laughter. My voice is still recovering and the stress of not knowing how much of my voice will want to show up tonight is exhausting! Lowgrade depression is real...And...somehow, I still find joy! Oh, to hold the duality of life."

LeAnn's tour continues with stops throughout the summer. We hope she continues to heal and take care of herself and her incomparable voice.

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