Lea Michele Gives a Health Update on Her Toddler Son Following Hospitalization

Lea Michele is providing yet another update regarding her son's health.

The Funny Girl actress, 36, says she has a healthy 2-year-old after her son Ever faced a scary health issue back in March.

While chatting with PEOPLE at the Time 100 Gala in New York City on April 26, Michele revealed that her son is doing a lot better after being hospitalized for the second time on April 5 for an unknown illness.

"Ever's doing good. He's doing well," Michele divulged. "We still have a little bit of a long road ahead of us here, but he's doing well, thank God, and healthy."

Michele also revealed that she has received "the most amazing support from my cast and my family," of her Broadway show, Funny Girl, while also noting that her husband of four years, Zandy Reich, has been "wonderful" throughout the entire process.

"My husband is wonderful; he's here tonight," the actress told the outlet.

The Glee alum first opened up to fans about her son being hospitalized on March 22 through an Instagram Story, where she revealed that she wouldn't be performing in the Broadway show that day.

"I'm so sorry but unfortunately I will be out of @FunnyGirlBwy today," she shared in a March 22 Instagram Story alongside a photo of her hand cupping her son's, as he lay in a hospital bed with his teddy bear. "We are at the hospital with our son dealing with a scary health issue that I need to be here for. I'm so sorry. Please send us some love and strength," she added.

Michele and Reich took their 2-year-old home two days later, but found themselves back in the hospital on April 5.

"Today was a hard day," she wrote. "As parents, we have to be strong for our kids. But sometimes, you just want to break down and cry (hidden in the bathroom or closet is usually best. Today I chose hospital bathroom)."

She continued: "These hard times show you truly what matters and is important in life and how much we have to be grateful for. It's been hard, to say the least, but our boy is such a champ and is going to be ok. But it still hurts."

After what appears to be a long health journey, we're happy to hear he's healthy and doing well.