Le Creuset's Biggest Sale of the Year Is Here—Here's 7 Things You Should Buy ASAP

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There's just something about sleek color-coordinated kitchenware that makes us whip out our credit cards. Our next victim? None other than the beloved kitchen brand Le Creuset. Right now, the brand is having its biggest sale of the year. Not only are more than 85 bestselling products included in the sale, but you can score them all for up to 50 percent off. Oh, and for you non-cookers, we find that Le Creuset products even inspire us to get in the kitchen. What can we say? There's nothing like cooking in a beautiful blue ceramic Dutch oven pot (every single dish looks good in it).

We know you're already envisioning your newly stocked kitchen shelves, so we won't hold you up; here are seven things you should buy before it's too late. (Oh, and BTW, everything is final sale, so double-check that you picked the right color.)

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1. Classic Round Dutch Oven

There's a reason why this is one of Le Creuset's bestselling products. It's a game-changer for cooks and non-cooks, making everything from slow-cooking and braising to roasting, baking and frying a breeze. (FYI, if cooking is your thing, you may want to get the bigger 4 1/2 qt size that's good for 3-4 servings.)

Buy It ($260; $155)

2. Classic Oval Oven with Grill Pan Lid

What's better than an oval Dutch oven? An oval Dutch oven with a reversible grill pan lid. That's right, both the oven and lid are suitable for stovetop and oven use, so you can literally go from slow-cooking beef brisket to frying veggies.

Buy It ($410; $246)

3. Classic Skillet

We bet your frying pan doesn't have a black satin enamel interior surface that eliminates the need for traditional seasoning and maintenance. The enamel also develops a natural patina over time, making it more nonstick and easy to clean.

Buy It ($190; $114)

4. Square Cocotte

Baking casseroles, one-pot meals and desserts have never been easier. And the almost perfect heat distribution makes it impossible not to get your dish the way you want. Oh, and not to mention it's super durable, resisting dulling, staining, chipping and cracking and it's dishwasher safe.

Buy It ($300; $180)

5. Oolong Kettle

The top-rated Oolong Kettle was inspired by Chinese oolong tea. Not only is it great at preparing tea, but it's also good for French press coffee, oatmeal and much more. (And yes, it totally makes that strangely addictive whistle sound when the water reaches its boiling point.)

Buy It ($90; $54)

6. Cassadou with Glass Lid

Is your kitchen really complete without a glass lid cast iron pot? You can use it as a deep saute pan or small Dutch oven, plus it has a convenient handle for easy lifting and effortless frying, braising and simmering.

Buy It ($290; $190)

7. Botanique Collection Mini Cocottes, Set of 4

Besides being absolutely adorable, these mini cocottes are perfect for cooking cobblers, gratins and pot pies. Also, since they're an individual serving size, recipes bake incredibly fast.

Buy It ($100; $60)

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