Lay’s Released The Fried Pickle With Ranch Chip Flavor Again, But They're Only Available At Sam’s Club For A Limited Time

Ni'Kesia Pannell
·1 min read

From Delish

Lay's may have just dropped its line of restaurant-inspired chips last summer, but the beloved snack maker is now adding another flavor back to its overall roster—fried pickles with ranch. Yep, you read that right! THE FRIED PICKLES WITH RANCH FLAVOR IS BACK!

Initially available in 2018, the flavor made its way back to shelves in 2019 and now we've been blessed again. Pulling the flavor-inspiration from the timeless fried pickle snack found at state fairs, the fried pickles with ranch chip is one that seems to get fans talking, especially those who are in the Midwest because if you didn't know, fried pickles are super popular around those parts.

Don't expect this flavor to stay around long though. Unlike its previous releases when it was just quietly removed off of shelves without any notice, Lay's has decided to make it known that this will be a limited-time flavor so fans know exactly what to expect this time around. We're not sure how long that window will be, so if you see them out there, you know what to do!

That said, if you're still on the fence about picking up your first bag, those who have tasted them have had some pretty good things to say. "Very flavorful. Didn't leave taste buds sore like the regular dill pickle chips," one review raved, while another said, "would have liked more pickle flavor and less ranch. However, I did like it a lot." No matter what others think, I definitely encourage you to try them for yourself to gather your own opinion. I know I will be!

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