Law Roach Breaks Silence on Zendaya Relationship Amid Retirement: "We Are Forever!"

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Law Roach Breaks Silence to Shout Out ZendayaDominique Charriau - Getty Images

Law Roach has broken his silence to shoutout his close friend and client Zendaya following his recent retirement. In case you missed it, the iconic celebrity stylist announce his departure from styling on March 14, writing on Instagram "My Cup is empty….. thank you to everyone who’ve supported me and my career over the years. Every person that trusted me with their image, I’m so grateful for you all. If this business was just about the clothes I would do it for the rest of my life but unfortunately it’s not! The politics , the lies and false narratives finally got me! You win … I’m out. ❤️❤️❤️"

The internet immediately started speculating about Law's relationship with Zendaya, however, Law hopped on Twitter and made it clear he and Zendaya are still extremely tight. "So y’all really think I’m breaking up with Z….. we are forever!" he wrote. "She’s my little sister and it’s real love not the fake industry love."

Unclear if this means he will still be working with Zendaya as she enters her Louis Vuitton contract, but let's hope so because Law Roach is a literal genius. And FYI he elaborated on his retirement during an interview with Vogue amid walking the Boss show, explaining “I’m not saying I’m retiring from fashion. I love fashion. I love the businesses, and I love being creative. What I’m retiring from is the celebrity styling part of it: the being in service and at service of other people. That’s what I’m retiring from, yeah.”

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