Latto's Net Worth Is Even Bigger Than Our Obsession With Her

Latto's Net Worth Is Even Bigger Than Our Obsession With Her

Latto won season 1 of The Rap Game back in 2016, and she's been pretty much unstoppable ever since. Some casual examples? “Bitch From Da Souf” feat. Saweetie & Trina has 98 million views on YouTube (and! counting!), “Muwop” feat. Gucci Mane went RIAA-certified Gold, and "Big Energy" peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot 100. Oh, and Latto's newest single "Lottery" just entered the charts for the first time mere days ago!

All ^ this ^ impressiveness ^ has earned Latto a ton of recognition—she's been nominated at the BET Hip Hop Awards (where she won!), the Billboard Women in Music Awards (where she also won!), and the MTV Video Music Awards. And let's not forget that she was just nominated for Best New Artist and Best Melodic Rap Performance at the 2023 Grammy Awards. Basically, Latto's been busy and has a reported net worth of $2 million to prove it.

So how did Latto make her money? Let's get into it.

Latto Makes Money From Streaming, Obviously

All those Spotify and Apple numbers—not to mention YouTube views—lead to $$, so it's likely that streaming residuals are a big part of Latto's net worth. But please be advised that this is just one of her income revenues.

Speaking to XXL about the accomplishment of "Big Energy" charting on Billboard, Latto said, "I still can’t believe it. When I wrote down my 2022 goals, one of them was to be top 40 on the Billboard charts. And I’m thinking that’s shooting for the stars. I set that goal in January, and I did it in January. So, it’s crazy to see it keep going up like every week. Every week I be like, 'Girl, prepare yourself because it’s going down this week. It can’t go up again.' And then boom, it be going up again."

Latto also told Christen Johnson of re: her "Lottery" video, "Baby, one thing about Latto: She make Boss Bitch Moves. So it's the same concept as the 'Big Energy' music video to be honest, where I'm stepping on the man's chest and it's just showing dominance. It's like, 'Yeah, get my money right. Count my money.' It's just flipping those gender roles and showing people women can be the boss too. We can wear the pants and just showing the girls, nah, make that man work."

She's Doing Plenty of Endorsements

As anyone with an internet connection knows (other than my mother, who remains confused), endorsements are a major—maybe the most major—way that celebrities make money. And Latto is well aware! Actually, she brilliantly roped in some sponcon into the video for "Lottery."

So How Does Latto Spend Her Money?

She told XXL that hair, makeup, and clothing can get pricey, saying, "Chile, I just know when I did these taxes, I was like, 'Oh, for real? That’s what I’m spending?' Hair can easily be like, $20,000 every month. Clothes, it’s like, $20,000 for a promo run. If I’m busy that month—like now I’m in album mode, so I’m doing all of these press runs and stuff—that could easily be six figures, between clothes, hair and makeup."

She's Touring With Lizzo!

And is presumably earning a lot of money along the way, though no numbers have been released yet. Either way, Latto is psyched about this era of her career, telling Entertainment Tonight on the Billboard Women in Music red carpet (where she won the Powerhouse Award!) that it's "Surreal. Surreal. Surreal. It's everything that I worked and prayed for, but it's like, go time. It's real life now. It's not a dream anymore."

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