Later, Boomers — Gen Z is roasting millennials now

Generally, there is tension between the

youngest and oldest generations in a

shared space, like Gen Z and “Boomers”.

but the latest battle in the generational

wars is between Gen Z and millennials.

Twitter user local__celeb uncovered a

series of TikTok comments in which younger

users roasted the generation ahead of them.

Gen Z users criticized millennials for

saying words like “doggo” and “adulting,”

living in one-bedroom apartments.

oversharing their “Harry Potter” houses

and being obsessed with avocado toast.

“All they do is drink wine, post

cringey ’90s kid’ memes, talk about

tech start-up and lie,” one user wrote.

“Millennials are monsters and

I stand by that,” another said.

Some say the critiques are harsh, and

members of Gen Z are in for a “rude awakening”.

“If millennials are finding it impossible to own houses

and hold down grown-up jobs, it won’t get any better

for the next generations,” one Twitter user said.

Others couldn’t argue with the criticism.“I for one welcome our new Gen Z overlords,” a Twitter

user said. “They’re not wrong,” another wrote

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