Last Night’s ‘Bachelor’ Bombshell Means We Know Who Zach Will Pick in the Finale

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

To be clear, we can’t know for sure who Bachelor season 27 lead Zach Shallcross will choose in next week’s (inevitably dramatic) finale episode. However, after the bombshell he dropped on Kaity regarding his overnight with Gabi in last night’s debacle-filled Fantasy Suites episode, we’re pretty sure there is enough evidence to predict who he will pick.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

In case you missed it, last night took Zach and his final three women to Thailand where he revealed that he would be abstaining from sex and all sexual activity entirely, despite it being Fantasy Suites week. (Sure, Jan.) He stayed strong for the sake of love…for precisely one overnight. After a meaningful conversation-filled evening with Ariel, Zach abandoned his own self-imposed chastity rule on his second date, this one with Gabi. This led to a guilt-laden Zach forcing a very uncomfortable Gabi to share her private moment with all of America. And it also led him to an awful conversation with Kaity where he felt obligated to reveal to her the nitty-gritty. Naturally, Kaity was upset with Zach for telling her about it. Gabi was upset that her personal affairs were being aired to the public. And Ariel…well…she went home.

Now, Zach’s decision to break his rule and sleep with Gabi might make fans think he’s about to give her the final rose in the finale. However, sex during Fantasy Suites week isn’t a great indicator of who the lead will pick in the end. (Remember how many times Hannah Brown and Peter Weber did it in a windmill before she dumped him and chose musician Jed Wyatt?!) And there seems to be a large piece of evidence from last night’s episode that screams a different final choice: Kaity.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Obviously, Zach and Kaity’s connection has been undeniable throughout the series. And their hometown date (which took place in Austin, where both of them reside!!!) showed just how comfortable they are with one another, spending a large chunk of it assembling furniture and doing other “established couple” activities. But then, Zach hurt Kaity by sleeping with Gabi and telling her about it. So, they should be donezo, right? Wrong!

Even though sleeping with Gabi is a big deal (and he then felt the need to go on camera and say that he’s falling in love with her in a semi-gross “saving face to America” moment), why would he feel compelled to tell Kaity the details unless he were planning to choose her in the end? Zach said multiple times that he didn’t want there to be secrets. But why would secrets matter unless Kaity was the frontrunner? And why would anyone in their right mind subject themselves and their love interest to such a terrible on-camera confession unless they thought that person was going to be their future partner?

The fact that Zach was willing to tell Gabi’s secret means he can’t really love her all that much. This was the ultimate act of betrayal. And this act could only be justified (in Zach’s mind) if Gabi weren’t really getting his final rose. Zach clearly prioritized Kaity over Gabi in the aftermath of his boneheaded rule-break. That’s why we think Kaity will be the last one standing at the end of this all. And Gabi…well, we really look forward to seeing you on Bachelor in Paradise.

All will be revealed when the Bachelor season 27 finale airs next Monday, March 27 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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