The Last Full Moon of the Decade—and It’s Going to Be a Doozy for Each Zodiac Sign

Elocin Rose

Deep breath. This coming full moon in Gemini (taking place on Dec. 12, to be exact) will hold meaning for all of the signs—and not just those with Gemini in their charts, thank you very much. The last full moon of 2019 (and subsequently, THE DECADE) might just be a doozy for all of the zodiac signs. So if you’re looking for what the December 2019 full moon means in astrology, then you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s take a moment and wonder: How will this full moon affect the natural ending of more than just a lunar cycle? How will this full moon in Gemini wrap-up this wild, weird, heartbreaking and breathless decade?

With charisma and grace? With love...

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