Larry David Is GQ's February Cover Star

Larry David insists he's not neurotic, not miserable, not disgruntled: "I have a very good disposition,” he says. You'd be forgiven for maybe assuming otherwise, particularly if you've spent any amount of time observing the antics of his "character" on Curb Your Enthusiasm, now in its 10th season. The Larry David on the show is—perhaps more than any other person on television—a not-far-off representation of real-life Larry.

For the February issue of GQ, correspondent Brett Martin stepped inside look at Larry World, where the man with the "very good disposition" thrives—especially on the golf course. As it turns out, Larry wasn't bluffing with his declaration of happiness. But even a happy man apparently has a few things that bother him. In the course of the profile he mentions:

  • UNTUCKit shirts: “Like nobody ever wore their shirt out and noticed that it was too long? We all noticed....”

  • People touching his face

  • Calling him "old"

  • That he hasn't quite mastered the art of standup

  • Dress codes

  • Swimming

  • Biking

  • Hiking

  • The beach

  • President Trump

  • Fox News: "If somebody bought Fox News, I would feel the same as I felt when the Berlin Wall came down. That feeling of euphoria, like the world was going to change.”

  • Parties

  • Lukewarm, diluted decaf Americano (shout-out to the poor young waiter who tried to fix it)

To get the full lowdown on why each of those bullet points is grinding his gears, read the full story, shot by photographer Jason Nocito.

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