Who is Larray? The former Vine star is now a TikTok sensation

Internet personality Larray has managed to score major success on most popular social media platforms. Larray came up with his nickname while running a Miley Cyrus fan account on social media. “Lar-Ray” is merely a play on Miley Ray Cyrus. Larray joined the Los Angeles-based Hype House in January 2020. Other members include popular TikTok personalities Chase Hudson (aka LilHuddy) and Avani Gregg. When Vine shut down, Larray shifted his focus to other platforms. he has 5.2 million followers on Instagram and 17.4 million followers on TikTok. Larray creates all kinds of content, but he is mostly known for making funny videos geared toward a younger audience. On Oct. 18, he also made headlines with his content when he released a diss track called “Canceled,” targeting everyone in the TikTok community. Larry sells merch with the endearing nickname on it. He also has a Depop where dedicated fans known as girlies can shop his closet. Larray started dating Brady Potter in April 2019. Potter is a successful YouTuber in his own right with 641,000 subscribers