Lady Gaga's Abs Are Legit Sculpted AF In A Bra Top On TikTok

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Lady Gaga's Abs Are Legit Sculpted AF In A Bra Top On TikTok
  • Lady Gaga is on tour right now, but she's still taking time to promote her beauty line through TikTok videos.

  • The singer, 36, posted a video of herself in a bra top and sweater, showing off her super sculpted abs from various angles.

  • Gaga is a big yogi, and started her practice way back in college.

Lady Gaga is currently singing her heart out on her Chromatica Ball Tour and, in case you haven't already heard, she's absolutely crushing it. Despite her busy schedule, the "Bad Romance" singer, 36, still has time to create TikTok videos, especially when it means she gets to promote her beauty line, Haus Labs.

In a new TikTok video, she shared a sneak peek to a new release from the line while rocking a bra top and hoodie, and the relaxed outfit showed off just how super strong and toned abs really are.

There wasn't really a caption on the video, but she wrote "Haus Labs coming soon..." over the video.

Her followers are loving the video. One commented, "You look beautiful and healthy queen!! 💖", and another wrote, "Smokin’!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥." But one person really laid it all out there. "She films eight seconds of standing there and its the best eight seconds ive seen all year," they wrote. True.

Back in January, Gaga gave her Instagram followers a sneak peek into her fitness routine, which includes lots of yoga. In the post, she got busy doing an incredible headstand, and showing off her super core powers.

Gaga is clearly no beginner—she's been practicing yoga since 2004, when she was still a student at New York University, according to the New York Times.

She also loves Pilates (both reformer and mat), and has shared photos of herself practicing both.

Gaga is also an avid horseback rider. She shared a snap of herself back in January snuggled up to her new horse, Trigger, who she got after her other horse, Arabella, died in January of 2019.

"I’m so happy to be with Trigger today my big man 🌸 Joanne vibes. I haven’t ridden my horse in a couple years because Arabella passed away. Today is a truly beautiful Sunday and I’m sending you all gratitude. 🙏," she captioned the pic.

Getting outside in the fresh air is clearly important to Gaga, and she has been known to get her heart rate up on the tennis courts, which is a great, fun way to fit in some cardio.

When it comes to nutrition, Gaga has tried to stick to a healthy and balanced diet. Sometimes, that can get tricky on tour, so Gaga has relied on a personal chef (childhood friend, Bo O'Connor) who helps her eat "mostly healthy" meals, according to The New Potato.

Gaga is a big fan of "half-cheat meals" like gluten-free pastas and dishes with lots of vegetables and quinoa. One of her faves? Fried chicken.

It's all about balance!

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