Lady Gaga Fat Shamed Following Super Bowl Performance

While a large majority of Super Bowl watchers were busy praising Lady Gaga for her hits-packed, costume-filled, and stunt-heavy halftime performance, others were just looking for imperfections. And some think they’ve found one in her figure.

A few of Gaga’s social media followers have pointed out an imperceptible “pot belly” on the singer.

One fat-shamer compared her beautiful body to dough. Another said she had “flabby abs,” while a third wrote, “Whoever designed Lady Gaga’s final outfit shouldn’t have let her expose her belly. It wasn’t flattering. #SuperBowl #PepsiHalftime.”

Of course, many fans came to her defense, calling her “pot belly” beautiful, and praising her “normal-person stomach.” One girl thanked the “Born This Way” singer for giving her confidence in her own body.

Another commenter pointed out that this kind of criticism is what causes many women to have body issues.

The fact that Lady Gaga is confident in her own skin (enough to perform in basically a bikini in front of millions) is all the more inspiring considering she has struggled with eating disorders in the past.

After being similarly targeted in the past for her weight, she launched a body revolution on her website in order to encourage self-acceptance amongst her fans and others. “Proud at any size, because the inside is what really counts,” she shared on Twitter. “Plus, it’s all how you pose! Just ask the supermodels!”

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