Lady Gaga fan moves singer to tears with sentimental necklace in honor of her late Aunt Jo

Though she’s worn priceless Tiffany diamonds, one of Lady Gaga’s most treasured trinkets is a locket that was given to her by a Little Monster. Back in September 2016, a huge Lady Gaga fan named Muhammad surprised the singer with the “very special gift”. The gift was a necklace — a locket, to be exact — with a picture of her late Aunt Joanne inside of it. The box that the necklace came in was inscribed with a poem written by Joanne. As Gaga’s fans know, Joanne — who passed away from complications of lupus at just 19 years old — is a huge part of Gaga’s life and story. “When I gave the necklace to Gaga, we were both very emotional and we both cried,” Muhammad said. In October 2016, about a month after Muhammad gave Gaga the necklace, the singer even tweeted at him to say that it was “special” to her. In 2019, for his 21st birthday, Muhammad attended Gaga’s Enigma Las Vegas residency and she brought him on stage and dedicated her performance of “Million Reasons” to him