Lady Gaga Dressed Up as Phoebe for the 'Friends' Reunion and Looked EXACTLY Like Her

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Photo credit: HBO/Twitter
Photo credit: HBO/Twitter

Hello, hi, I'm gonna go ahead and assume you stayed up to watch the Friends reunion on HBO Max last night, but just in case you didn't please be advised that Lady Gaga made a surprise appearance. Dressed as Phoebe. To sing "Smelly Cat."

Obviously, this entire moment was iconic, but I truly cannot get over how much Gaga looked like Phoebe when she walked on stage. The outfit? Perfect. The hair? Amazing. Like, I kinda want HBO Max to reboot the show with a new cast just to make this happen again.

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And Gaga actually had some really sweet things to say about the impact Phoebe had on her, telling Lisa Kudrow, "Thank you so much for being the person for all of us on Friends that was the—I don't know if this is the right way to say it—but the different one, or the one that was really herself."

Apparently, Lisa knew about Gaga's appearance ahead of time, and even helped plan it with director Ben Winston. “I said to Lisa, ‘Would you be prepared to sing it?’ And she was like, ‘Yeah, that would be fun,’" he told Variety. "We went through a few names, and we both agreed that Gaga, if we could get her, would be the ultimate one because she associates with and feels close to Phoebe in so many ways, as Gaga says on the show. That was a really beautiful moment. And Lady Gaga jumped at the chance to do it.”


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