Lady Gaga Brings Back the Goth Flatform

<cite class="credit">Photo: Getty Images</cite>
Photo: Getty Images

When it comes to footwear, no one is as fearless as Lady Gaga. As music’s master of towering heels, Gaga owns a collection that has made its way into the history books and a dedicated gallery space. At last night’s opening of the Haus of Gaga exhibition in Las Vegas, fans could take in her iconic Alexander McQueen armadillo boots, those prosciutto-covered meat boots, or they could simply glance at her feet for yet another great pair of unique shoes.

With Demonia’s glossy patent leather flatform boots, Gaga revisited a style familiar to goth kids and ravers everywhere while putting her own stamp on the look. Sure, she could have worn all black, or played up the mid-90s associations, but instead she went for the fun of a coral tulle skirt and cropped T-shirt from her own merch line with leopard print Ksubi sunglasses and the world’s longest ponytail. A joyful merge of eclectic ideas, it was the perfect look for revisiting her fashion past while getting the world excited for her future.

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