Lacey Chabert's New HSN Clothing Collection Is Just as Joyful as Her Hallmark Movies

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The actress tells <em>InStyle</em> all about the feel-good loungewear she designed and why they&#39;re the perfect pieces to wear for the comfy-cozy season ahead.



You may primarily know Lacey Chabert from her long list of acting credits, like those feel-good Hallmark movies and the forever-iconic Mean Girls. But now, she’s adding a new title to her resume: the designer of your favorite loungewear. Chabert recently released a collection of sleep sets, pullovers, leggings, and throw-on-and-go dresses with HSN, and when speaking with InStyle, shares that designing has always been on her bucket list.

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“I've always dreamed of having a clothing line,” she tells us. “Growing up, my sisters and I would personalize our clothes — we'd iron on patches and alter them to the way that we wanted them to be, and we'd sketch out designs for fun.”



So, why did Chabert opt for comfy-cozy pieces, rather than jeans or something more elaborate?

“I don't know about you, but the last couple of years, I feel like so many of us either work from home or are working from home more. Balancing motherhood, my acting career, and now this, I love to be in loungewear — it’s about 90% of my closet,” she says. “I feel like I have red carpet gowns and I have leggings, sweatshirts, and T-shirts.”

Still, despite being categorized as loungewear, the pieces are super versatile and work for places beyond the home, too.

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“You could be cuddling on your couch, or you could have coffee with a girlfriend, or you could be volunteering at school and be comfortable and still feel your best.”



It was also important for Chabert to include color and prints in her HSN collection.

“I think it puts you in a happier mood when you're wearing a bright pop of color,” she says, although admits she is still a big fan of neutrals, which is why she included them as options. “But, there is something to be said for wearing a happy color.”

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A major draw of Chabert’s collection is the fact that there’s opportunity to match with a loved one — including your kids. While adult range from from XS to 3X, mini versions of dresses and pullovers come in children’s XS to L.

“[My daughter] Julia loves to match. I know it’s a phase that won't last forever. She'll always ask, ‘Can I have that in the kid version? Can you get that in my size?’ So, there are a few select pieces in the line that are matching Mommy & Me moments.”



Still, Chabert adds that you don’t have to twin with your kid — a friend, sibling, cousin, and other people in your life work just as well.

“I just had a birthday party for my daughter and my sister and I bought matching outfits to match the theme of the party,” she says. “I love to dress up and make everything an occasion. That was part of the inspiration behind the line — to really celebrate those moments that you spend with your family. There are family pajamas that we have coming out for the holidays and so cute for those Christmas cards. They even have a matching pet sweater.”

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Speaking of Christmas pajamas, Chabert says you’ll spot a pair in one of her upcoming Hallmark movies, too.

“I just finished a Christmas movie and I actually wore the Christmas pajamas and another set of pajamas in the film. So when people watch it, if they like it, they can go on HSN and buy it.”



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Watching a feel-good movie in feel-good clothes? Even Chabert herself is surprised at how perfectly her two passions fit together.

“It is similar,” she says. “There are things that are hopefully conveyed in the films I'm a part of that are also a part of this clothing brand.”

Lacey Chabert’s HSN collection ranges from $45 to $79 and is now available to shop on