Labrador Retriever Pumpkin Stencil

You might have just the right tools for this carving job squirreled away in your garage! We love using an etching power tool to scrape scruffy fur marks above this Lab's nose. You can also use a drill fitted with a small bit to make quick, effortless whisker dots.

To carve:

1. Start by cleaning out a pumpkin from its underside (not its top), scraping out all the messy interior bits and seeds.

2. Tape your printed stencil to the outside of the pumpkin and poke along the stencil lines with a pin tool. Keep pin pricks closely spaced and remove the paper when all lines have been transferred to the pumpkin's surface.

3. Etch stencil sections within dotted lines by using a gouge or electric etching tool to scrape off the pumpkin's top layer.

4. Carve stencil sections within solid lines with a serrated knife (woodcutting or linoleum knives work well) and discard cutout pieces.

5. Light your carved pumpkin with an electric candle.