LA Sheriff discusses car accident involving Tiger Woods

The Los Angeles County Sheriff updated reporters at the Lomita Station on the car accident involving Tiger Woods that occurred on Tuesday.

Video Transcript

- Today at 7:12 in the morning, Lomita Sheriff's Station received a call of a solo vehicle collision in Harbor-- or Hawthorne Boulevard North of Palos Verdes Drive. We arrived on scene at 7:18 AM and discovered a solo vehicle collision and the sole occupant was, again, Tiger Woods. And deputies at the time, they did not see any evidence of impairment, anything of concern.

Obviously, the life-sustaining measures that had to be taken for the occupant of the vehicle and Chief Osby will speak to that regard. And it was a solo vehicle. Unfortunately, during the course of the investigation of this, there was another traffic collision that happened with people being looky-loos.

But thankfully, there was no injuries associated with that. The vehicle traveled several hundred feet from the center divider at the intersection and rested on the West side of the road in the brush. Sustained major damage to the vehicle. You've seen all the images of that.

And with that, our Lomita Sheriff's Station will be conducting the traffic investigation. And it'll take them from days to several weeks to get the whole thing together. Once the investigation is completed, we will provide a detailed report. It'll be available, you know, based on public records request and we will not discuss it any further after that point.