Kylie Kelce Tells Jason to 'Sleep With One Eye Open' After Viral St. Patrick's Day Video

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Jason Kelce has had a month filled with ups and downs, to say the least. On March 4, the star Philadelphia Eagles player announced he was retiring from the NFL after more than a decade with the Birds. It's been an emotional few weeks, but when St. Patrick's Day rolled around, he couldn't resist having a little fun.

Kelce's wife Kylie shared a video of the family's St. Paddy's Day shenanigans on TikTok. She explained that while she attended an Irish dance school as a child for nearly a decade, it's been a long time since she's done it, and certainly since she's performed in front of a crowd of people. But she somehow found herself on a balcony above Media's Towne House in Philadelphia overlooking the throngs below and eventually joined a group of skilled Irish dancers in a quick-footed routine.

Kylie, whose maiden name is McDevitt, touted the video as another installment in her social media series showcasing her in places she shouldn't be. "I had no business [being up there]," she said. "None." She explained that a young dancer named Maggie from a local Irish dance school wanted her to dance with her school group, and while she kindly obliged, she directed her attention to her husband and their friend for getting her into that scenario.

"Take note of this look right here," she said of her facial expression in the clip. "That's the 'Oh, you think you're funny?' look, and I'm darting right over to the two men that volunteered me for this activity." The video then showed Jason enjoying a Guinness and she stated plainly that he should "Sleep with one eye open."

Meanwhile, the McHugh School of Irish Dance was just happy that Kylie joined in on the fun. "Shoutout to Kylie Kelce for dancing with our school!" they captioned an Instagram video of the performance.

Maybe in his newly acquired free time Jason can take up Irish dancing himself.