Kylie Jenner Just Opened Up About "Losing Friends" and Her Struggles with Anxiety on Instagram


Scroll through Kylie Jenner's Instagram grid, and she appears to have a pretty perfect life. For starters, she's a billionaire, she travels via private jet, has an adorable daughter and a close circle of friends, as well as a growing beauty empire. In fact, this week, Kylie is on an idyllic getaway to the Turks & Caicos with Stormi and pals to celebrate the launch of Kylie Skin, posting snap after snap of their luxurious accommodations and poolside shenanigans.

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hakuna matata 🌺🎶

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However, in a rare vulnerable moment, the makeup mogul revealed that her activity on social media is "just the surface," and like everyone else, she deals with major issues, like anxiety and losing friends (ahem, namely Jordyn Woods).

On Tuesday morning, she wrote an emotional message to fans on IG alongside a photo of herself watching the sunset on her aforementioned tropical trip to the Turks. "I’m proud of myself, my heart, and my strength," the reality star began. "Growing up in the light with a million eyes on you just isn’t normal. I’ve lost friends along the way and I’ve lost myself too sometimes. My first tattoo was “sanity” to remind myself everyday to keep it."

Kylie went on to discuss her ongoing battle with anxiety, which got worse after becoming a mother. "I’ve struggled with anxiety my whole young adult life and after my baby i dealt with all the internal ups and downs. I felt like i had to find myself completely again," she explained. "I keep a whole lot to myself but just wanted to share and let you know I’m human. my life is not perfect and what you see here on social media is just the surface."

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freaky friday

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The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star signed off her heartfelt note with a positive affirmation for her 140 million followers, saying: "Be gentle with yourself, move on, and let go. we are all capable of great things, worthy of love, and allowed to express ourselves. do more of what makes you happy and be unapologetic. now is your season, we all have a magnificent destiny."

While Kylie's emotional post may have partially been about her fallout with Jordyn, recently, she told sister Khloé Kardashian that she doesn't necessarily want their friendship back, as she's now venturing outside her comfort zone.

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"I think that this whole Jordyn situation needed to happen for a reason — for me, for her, for you, for everybody," Jenner said. "She was my security blanket. She lived with me. We did everything together. I just felt like, ‘Oh, I have Jordyn. I don’t need anything else.’ And I feel like there’s a part of me that needed to grow without her. Sometimes people are there for certain reasons at certain times in your life and then not there for others."

Since the scandal, Kylie's been forging new relationships, according to a source at People. “She has been socializing more and trying to find a bigger circle of friends that she can be close with,” an insider told the publication in March. “After the Jordyn drama, she realized that relying on just one friend is not the best idea.”