Kylie Jenner and Alexander Wang Are Collaborating on Something Big

From Cosmopolitan

There's something major going on between Alexander Wang and Kylie Jenner. Yesterday, Kylie's mom, Kris, posted an Instagram of herself with Wang on set, tagging her youngest daughter and using the hashtag #SecretProject.

Kylie posted her own BTS image of herself that day on Snapchat, although she made no direct reference to Wang and gave no hint about what the two might be doing together.

Another Kylie snap later in the day was equally enigmatic, although the word "wrapped" would seem to imply that Kylie was at a photo shoot for Wang, and her green mesh bomber jacket is certainly very reminiscent of Wang's spring/summer 2016 collection. A gift from Wang, perhaps? A thank-you for all her hard work on whatever it is they are working on together?

It's possible Kylie is simply modeling in Wang's latest campaign, but maybe it's something more. Is it a capsule collection? Only time will tell. For now, all we can do is wait and dream.

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