Kroger's New Holiday Commercial Is Wrecking Viewers: Watch It Here

Kroger's holiday ad

Kroger commercial is unexpectedly bringing viewers to tears this holiday season.

At the beginning of the ad—fittingly set to Ed Sheeran's sentimental song, "Photograph"—an animated couple sits on a park bench watching another couple play with their young child. A flier for a "Student Exchange Program" then blows onto their laps, and they immediately decide to host a student in their home.

Valentina from Mexico then shows up on their doorstep. And when she starts feeling homesick, the couple knows what to do: They cook Valentina a meal from her home country. The following scenes show the exchange student sharing more food, from her country and the U.S.m, with the couple.

Through the years, their refrigerator fills up with photographs of their many exchange students as the couple grows old and gray.

At the very end of the commercial, the waterworks kick in.

One night, the elderly couple sits in their home—which is decorated for the holidays—when the doorbell rings. A group of their exchange students surprises them while bearing groceries from Kroger, and everyone proceeds to prepare a meal together in merriment.

"Food connects us all," a final message reads on the screen.

After watching the Kroger ad, many have taken to social media to share how unexpectedly touched they were.

One X user wrote, "Not a Kroger ad making me SOB??? I’m going to bed."

Another person wrote, "Y’all wanna cry? Go watch the new Kroger’s holiday commercial."

Yet another X user declared, "It’s 7 am and I’m hysterically crying at a Kroger commercial."

Meanwhile, someone else wrote, "Kroger’s new holiday commercial this year has me crying YET AGAIN."

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