Kroger Is Selling Sparkly Unicorn Cookies That Are Filled With Cake Batter Creme

Photo credit: Kroger
Photo credit: Kroger

From Delish

Avid Kroger shoppers are aware of the store’s in-house cookies Kaleidos. Comparable to Oreos, they feature cookies with a creamy middle. Kaleidos come in a range of flavors, like Original, Mint, Golden, Raspberry Creme with Popping Candy, and Coconut Lime. We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but the new unicorn variety might make its way onto our list of favorites!

There are a lot of layers to the Kaleidos Sparkly Unicorn Cookies, so prepare yourself. It starts with purple cookies that are decked out in blue edible sparkles. The creme in the middle, which appears to be light pink with blue and red specks, has a “magical confetti cake batter flavor,” as described on the packaging.

The good news is that The Impulsive Buy has spotted the cookies on Kroger shelves already, so we’ll take that as a green light to run to the nearest location. The pack of unicorn cookies, which has about 12 servings, is listed on Kroger’s website for $2.12. Unfortunately, it’s exclusive to Kroger locations, so you might have to commit to driving out of state if yours doesn’t have any.

The unicorn trend has proven, yet again, that it isn’t going anywhere any time soon. We have been won over by another colorful pastel snack, but we have zero complaints here!

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