Kristin Chenoweth Can’t Pass by a 7-Eleven Without Getting These Foods

Apparently the convenience store is pretty "popular" with the Broadway star.

There’s something about knowing that celebrities eat fast food, mini-mart snacks, or foods from the same grocery stores we shop at that makes us think, “Oh, look, they’re just like us!” We don’t just want to know where they grab their sustenance, we want to know what they grab, too.

Whether it's Olivia Rodrigo confirming she’s a big fan of one of McDonald’s lesser-known menu items or Hoda and Jenna revealing their favorite Trader Joe’s foods or Nick Jonas sharing his Jersey Mike’s sub order, we want to know.

So when Broadway singer and TV star Kristin Chenoweth waxes poetic to Kelly Clarkson about how much she loves 7-Eleven, we all lean in to hear what she has to say.

You Can Get Everything at 7-Eleven!

Clarkson likes to ask celebs about their eating habits on the Kelly Clarkson Show. A few weeks ago she got Selena Gomez to open up about her love of pickle snow cones. She recently got Chenoweth, who currently stars in "Schmigadoon!," to talk about how much she loves making a stop at 7-Eleven.

“You can get everything at 7-Eleven!” Chenoweth squealed after mentioning you don’t just get food there, you can light bulbs, too.

What are her fave foods from the mini-mart? She first talked up the pizza. “Their pizzas are great y’all,” said the star who was born and raised in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. “Also their hot dogs. They just turn them around. You can get them however you want.”

Clarkson didn’t give Chenoweth a chance to say how she likes her hot dogs before she chimed in and asked about Slurpees.

“I love the Slurpee, and I’m always mad when I can’t get the Coke to work,” said Chenoweth. Apparently, whenever she hits a 7-Eleven, the Coke for the Slurpee machine (or perhaps just the soda fountain machine) is always out of order.

Chenoweth also revealed that while her 7-Eleven habits started out just for road trips, they’ve now turned into, as Clarkson put it, “any day that ends in Y.”

So yes, the Tony Award-winning Chenoweth is just like many of us. She loves her fast-food pizza, hot dogs, and Slurpees, on any day.