Kristin Cavallari responds to mom shaming over not showing her kids' faces in photos: 'I don't remember asking for anyone's opinion'

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Like many celebrity moms, Kristin Cavallari avoids sharing her children's faces on social media. But her practice of showing her three children only from the back set off some critics.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, the reality star and Uncommon James founder posted a photo of herself enjoying the holiday with her mother and the three kids she shares with ex Jay Cutler: Camden, 9, Saylor, 6, and Jaxon, 7. Per usual, the children had their backs to the camera as their mother and grandmother posed with them outside their home in Franklin, Tenn.

In her caption, Cavallari, 34, noted that she was "thankful for my crew," but some followers wanted to see more. Several commenters chided the former Laguna Beach star for including her kids but having them turned away from the camera.

"Why have your kids in the picture if you are not going to show them?" asked one follower.

"A pic JUST for social media," read one comment. "Never seen anyone ask their kids to turn their backs to a camera for a 'family photo.' Save it... just don’t add them to the picture and upload another selfie with your wine glass."

"This is weird," wrote another commenter, while one accused Cavallari of "craving attention" by featuring her kids.

"Just keep your kids completely out then," read one suggestion. "All of the pictures of their backs is unnecessary attention and not good attention."

"If you don’t want their faces on don’t take pictures!! How stupid!!" added another commenter.

But some fans defended the star for giving her kids some privacy.

"Momma Bear on full patrol and I LOVE IT!" wrote a supporter. "Keep on protecting those sweeties no matter how hard or rude trolls try to question you!!! You are [a] great mom!"

Cavallari, meanwhile, chose to respond to her critics by sharing a shot of herself looking straight into the camera with best friend Justin Anderson and his partner, Austin Rhodes.

"I don’t remember asking for anyone’s opinion but fine, I’ll show my kids," she cracked in the caption.

"People get mad if you don’t show your kids' faces, people get mad when you do… there’s very little winning on instagram these days, KC!" Anderson commented, adding, "Much love to Nashville’s favorite/hottest mom."

Cavallari recently told The Cut that she steers clear of reading comments on social media, though she's clearly looped in when there's online drama.

"I think the biggest thing when you’re having self-doubt is to not be on social media," she shared. "I’ve gotten to a place where I don’t really read comments on Instagram because it’s just not good for my mental health, good or bad. I don’t think that people praising you constantly is normal, and neither are people tearing you down constantly — it’s not normal. Social media is really robbing us of our happiness, I think. We’re constantly comparing our worst to everybody else’s best and that’s a really dangerous place to be."

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