Kristen Stewart announces engagement to girlfriend Dylan Meyer: ‘We’re marrying, it’s happening’

Kristen Stewart announces engagement (Getty Images)
Kristen Stewart announces engagement (Getty Images)
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Kristen Stewart has announced she is engaged to her girlfriend of two years, Dylan Meyer.

The Twilight star shared the news that she and Meyer are getting married during an appearance on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show, according to E! News.

“We’re marrying, we’re totally gonna do it,” Stewart, 31, told Stern on Tuesday. “I wanted to be proposed to, so I think I very distinctly carved out what I wanted and she nailed it. We’re marrying, it’s happening.”

The star’s engagement comes after she previously told Stern in 2019 that she “absolutely” wanted to get married.

At the time, Stewart also said that she couldn’t “f***ing wait” to propose to the screenwriter.

“Yeah, I want to be, like, somewhat reasonable about it, but I think good things happen fast,” she told the radio host after admitting that she told Meyer she loved her after just two weeks of dating.

According to the Spencer star, she and Meyer were out at a bar with friends when she first shared her feelings.

“It was like really late, and we were in some sh*tty bar, and her friends were there or whatever, and they like walked out, and I was just like: ‘Oh man, I’m so f***ing in love with you. Done,’” Stewart said. “It wasn’t like a thing, and also it was like so obvious. It just is.”

Meyer has also been open about her feelings for her future wife, with the screenwriter posting a birthday tribute to Stewart on Instagram in April, where she wrote: “Life sure is sweeter with this cute little family. Happy birthday, kiddo. You knock my socks off.”

According to Stewart, the pair had met six years earlier, but hadn’t started dating until they’d reconnected at a friend’s birthday party. They began officially dating in the summer of 2019.

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