Kristen Doute Hoped to Be on ‘Vanderpump Rules’ For ‘Next Few Years’ Before Firing

Jason Pham

While she’s out of a job now, Kristen Doute “crossed fingers” to be on Vanderpump Rules season 9 before her firing. In an exclusive interview with StyleCaster in April, the Bravo star, who has been on Vanderpump Rules since the series premiered in 2013, expressed her “hope” to be a cast member on the show for the “next few years.”

“I don’t really know any differently anymore. I’ve been doing it for eight seasons now, nine-plus years, and it feels very normal to have the camera around and to let people know what’s going on on all of our lives,” she told StyleCaster. “Even though there have been some obvious shifts in some of the major friendships, for me, at the end of the day, we’re all still...

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