Fans Think Kris Jenner Is On Ozempic After Looking 'Years Younger' In Her Latest Instagram Post

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This article has been updated since its initial publish date to include more information.

Fans on Instagram are claiming that Kris Jenner has resorted to using Ozempic— the controversial, celeb-popular drug intended for treating Type 2 diabetes— in order to achieve rapid weight loss. This week, the reality star, 68, shared a new photo collection post for her 52.8 million IG followers.

In the new images, Jenner can be seen donning a black, long-sleeved dress with white collar and sleeve cuff details, black sheer tights and black lace-up combat boots. After analyzing her figure in the snaps, some fans are accusing her of taking Ozempic as she “looks much slimmer.”

One user commented under her recent upload, writing: “major slim down.” Another added: “omg Ozempic really works.”  Someone else replied: “stop the ozempic.” Some also stressed that she looked “years younger” and “so different,” pointing to the drug as a possible reason.



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Jenner’s alleged consumption of weight-loss drugs has previously been a topic of discussion among her fans. Back in September, she showed off pics from her vacation to Italy. The mom of six included a slideshow of images at the time.

The focal point of the photo collection was a full-body pic of Jenner in an all-white outfit that accentuated her “slimmed-down” appearance, according to commenters. This was particularly emphasized by her A-line maxi dress and cropped jacket that highlighted her petite waistline.

On September 6th, the Kardashians star wrote in her caption: “Under the Tuscan sun.” Fans headed to her comment section to share their thoughts. “God works hard but Ozempic works harder,” one wrote as another added: “Ozempic is amazing.” Someone else replied: “They’re all on it, all of Hollywood has got so skinny.” One other chimed in: “Ummm who’s this?? And where’s kris at.”


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Fans Accuse Kris Jenner Of Taking Ozempic And ‘Looking Different’ In Italy

Others said that any differences in Jenner’s appearance might be due to photo-editing apps (something the Kardashians are accused of using often to digitally alter their bodies and faces in photos).

“Kris, why don’t you accept your age? your photos are processed,” one commented. Another added: “The family that does ozempic together stays together.” Someone else quipped: “There is so much wrong with these photos.”

Jenner included snaps of the Italian countryside, nature, pasta dishes, photos with friends and Tuscan architecture. She also shared a similar post that kicked off with a pic of her kissing longtime boyfriend Corey Gamble on a boat, and she donned a similar all-white outfit.


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While Jenner has yet to respond to the weight loss accusations, her daughter Khloé Kardashian has shot back at trolls claiming that she took Ozempic to shed pounds. “Let’s not discredit my years of working out,” Kardashian, 39, replied to user in January. The Good American founder added: “I get up 5 days a week at 6am to train. Please stop with your assumptions.”

Unlike many commenters, Kardashian chose to spread positivity under her mom’s earlier vaca post, writing: “You are the most beautiful woman in the world.”