Kraft Issues Huge Macaroni And Cheese Recall Due To Possible Metal Fragments

Amanda Chan
·Deputy Editor

The recall was initiated due to possible stainless steel fragments in boxes of mac and cheese. (Photo: Mike Mozart/Flickr)

If you’ve got a box of Kraft mac and cheese sitting in your pantry, you might want to take a look at the “best by” date — the company is issuing a huge recall of the product due to possible metal pieces in the boxes.

Kraft Foods Group announced Tuesday, March 17, the recall of about 242,000 cases of the 7.25-ounce size boxes of the original flavor of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner. The recall affects boxes that have a “Best when used by” date of Sept. 18, 2015 through Oct. 11, 2015, with the code “C2” that’s above the date. Boxes sold individually, as well as boxes sold in multi-pack units, are affected. NBC News reports 6.5 million boxes of mac and cheese are affected by the recall.

"We believe a piece of stainless steel got wedged in a metal piece of equipment, which may have generated friction that resulted in small pieces of metal potentially falling into the product," Joyce Hodel, a Kraft spokeswoman, said in a statement as reported by Reuters.

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The affected products were shipped to states across the U.S., as well as Puerto Rico, South America, and the Caribbean. However, the recalled product was not distributed in Canada.

Kraft has so far received eight reports about the product from consumers; no injuries were reported. If you’ve purchased a recalled product, you can return it to the store you purchased it at for a refund or exchange. You can also contact Kraft for a refund at 1-800-816-9432.

The Kraft recall comes on the heels of a recall by Blue Bell Creameries last week, after strains of Listeria bacteria found in certain ice cream products were tied to five cases of listeriosis in Kansas.

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