Kourtney Straight-Up Removed Herself From the Kardashian Family Group Chat Amid Her Fight With Kim

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Kourt Left the Kardashian Family Group ChatHulu

Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian are about to deal with yet more sister drama on The Kardashians thanks to Kourtney being upset about Kim doing a collection with Dolce & Gabbana so soon after her wedding. You know, just normal sister problems everyone can relate to!

Anyway, apparently things got so bad between the sisters that Kourtney removed herself from all four of the Kardashian family group chats.

Speaking at a Hulu FYC event, via Deadline, Khloé Kardashian joked about her sisters’ falling out, saying, “Oh my god, I now have to hear on our family group chat about these two for the next four months.”

Kourtney then reminded her, “I removed myself from the chat,” and Khloé shot back, “And I added you back. I said, ‘You’re actually going to sit here, you’re going to listen to all of us.’ So I added her back to four chats and she keeps going, ‘How am I back in this chat?’”

Kim recently said that she and Kourt have smoothed things over, telling Today that the drama was “frustrating,” but “we’ve been there before, and we’ll always be okay. We’re always family. That’s how we were raised.”

That said, Kim’s relationship with Kourt has been going through “cycles” since filming wrapped. As she put it, “You film it, we think we’re good, and we make up, then you edit it, and I’m seeing all the things she’s saying behind my back and she’s saying all the things I’m saying behind her back, and the tension rises all over again. It gets really tricky, and it gets really emotional. But at the end of the day, we still love sharing our life.”

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