Kool-Aid Is Bringing Back Two Discontinued Flavors

Maybe it’s the burden of adult responsibilities, but fruit-flavored drinks just don’t hit like they used to. But luckily for us (and unfortunately for the vintage powdered drink black market), Kool-Aid is letting consumers taste the past yet again.

Instagram sleuth @candyhunting announced the return of historically popular flavors Rock-A-Dile Red and Purplesaurus Rex with a post sharing images of the packaging, which features the Kool-Aid man hanging out with some throwback reptiles. The two flavors will be available as jammers and on-the-go flavor packets. They’ll also be specifically marketed as Retro jammers and packs, so good luck trying to cheat someone out of $125 on eBay. There isn’t yet any news on where the new flavors will be available, but we’ll let you know as soon as the details develop.

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Of course, nostalgic longing isn’t new, and this isn’t the first time these flavors have resurfaced. Back in 2014, Rock-A-Dile Red, Purplesaurus Rex, and three other heyday flavors were brought back for a short time. And if the reborn flavors don’t taste as good as you remember, you can always use them to change up your hair or clean your dishwasher.