What You Need To Know About Venice’s New Entry Fee

Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy
Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy

Travelers visiting the UNESCO World Heritage site city of Venice on certain occasions beginning in 2024 must pay an entrance fee of 5 euros ($5.45). Venice has long been a magnet for tourists. However, its popularity has come at a cost. Overtourism has strained the city’s infrastructure. Additionally, the constant influx of tourists has threatened its cultural heritage and disrupted the lives of its residents. In a bold move, Venice will become the first city in the world to charge day-tripper visitors an entry fee.

The Problem – Overtourism and Its Consequences

Venice, with its winding lanes and historic sites, has become a victim of its own allure. Today, the city receives a staggering 30 million tourists yearly, significantly exceeding its 50,000 permanent residents. Between May and October, Saint Mark’s Square, home to the majestic cathedral and former government palace, is always packed.

Overtourism also burdens the city’s resources. Waves are wearing away at the foundations of Venice’s centuries-old buildings due to the increased boat traffic in the canals caused by the rush of day-trippers. The Italian authorities went so far as to prohibit cruise ships from docking in the city center because of the destruction they wrought.

Venetians also face a housing crisis as landlords prioritize lucrative short-term rentals over long-term housing. Affordable accommodation for locals is scarce, and many have been forced to move out of the city.

The Solution – Venice’s Entry Fee

Starting April 25, 2024, Venice will charge a €5 (roughly $5.45) entry fee for day visitors. This fee aims to manage tourist influx and enhance the city’s livability.

Who Pays?

  • Day-Trippers: The entry fee applies only to day-trippers.

  • Overnight Guests: If you’re staying in paid overnight accommodation where the Venice tourist tax applies, you’re exempt from the €5 entry fee. However, you still need to register your visit.

Peak Hours

The fee is mandatory during peak hours, from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. Evening visitors do not need to pay.

Controversies and Considerations

The announcement of the entry fee has sparked controversies. Critics argue it may deter budget travelers and affect the city’s accessibility. However, Venice’s municipal authorities believe it’s a necessary step to strike a balance between preserving its heritage and ensuring a sustainable future.