Get to Know The Portuguese Village of Melides, Home to Christian Louboutin’s Trendy Hotel

valley view of countryside in Alentejo, Portugal
valley view of countryside in Alentejo, Portugal
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Melides, a village on Portugal’s Alentejo coast, is a blissful retreat that has managed to preserve its 19th-century charm. Despite its proximity to the capital, Lisbon, and the lively Comporta, Melides retains a peaceful ambiance. The town’s serenity resonates with the cobblestoned square at its center, the quaint family-run eateries, the terracotta-roofed cottages, and the deserted golden beach.

The village is home to a community of artists, craftsmen, and creatives drawn to the area’s natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere. Galleries and studios dot the landscape, showcasing the works of local and international artists. The markets are also lively. Locals and visitors gather to shop for handmade crafts, traditional Portuguese textiles, and fresh, locally sourced produce. Here, you can experience the warm hospitality of the Alentejo people.

The Arrival of Vermelho

Recently, the hushed lanes of Melides were privy to an exciting development behind an imposing dark wooden door. Here, Vermelho, Christian Louboutin’s pioneer hotel venture, sits, inviting a stylish crowd inside its doors. Louboutin, the legendary shoemaker, chanced upon Melides over a decade ago. Ever since, he has been captivated by the village’s picturesque vistas, bordered by lush forests and an expansive lagoon.

Louboutin’s aspiration with Vermelho is to introduce visitors to the raw natural beauty of his surroundings while preserving the tranquility that lured him here. Vermelho is a fusion of Louboutin’s French and Egyptian heritage and the influences from his extensive travels. The hotel’s striking exterior, designed in collaboration with Portuguese architect Madalena Caiado, merges seamlessly with the surroundings, while the interiors pay tribute to distinctive Portuguese details.

Vermelho’s in-house restaurant, Xtian, is a culinary delight that serves continental breakfast staples alongside local delicacies. Overseen by Portuguese chef David Abreu, the restaurant celebrates local produce and flavors. Each of the thirteen rooms at Vermelho is a world in itself. They reflect local craftsmanship and distinctive artworks while offering all the amenities needed for a remarkable stay. Each flaunts its unique identity and is adorned with frescoes and rare artworks handpicked by Louboutin.

Why You Should Visit Vermelho and Melides

Vermelho serves as a cultural hub that celebrates Melides’s traditions, craftsmanship, and beauty. The hotel, filled with Portuguese treasures and boasting a captivating atmosphere, offers an intimate experience. In the future, Vermelho is poised to expand with the addition of more properties and a beach bar. These new ventures will further enhance the guest experience. Guests will then enjoy diverse scenes without having to leave the tranquility of Melides.

To see Portugal as its true, unspoiled self, Melides is the place to go. Connect with nature, savor the slow pace of village life, and indulge in Portuguese culture and cuisine pleasures. Whether wandering through the cork oak forests, lounging on a secluded beach, or exploring the village’s art scene, Melides offers something new. As the area continues to evolve, with the infusion of new energy and investment from icons like Christian Louboutin, it retains its essence as a peaceful destination where tradition and modernity coexist.