'I Know Five Is a Lot': All About Nicolas Cage's Latest Wife

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Nicolas Cage has had one of the longest, weirdest careers in Hollywood—he’s won an Oscar and been in a movie called Drive Angry—but his personal life is also the stuff of legend. He’s been married five times over the years, most recently to his current wife, Riko Shibata, and shares three children with three different women. (That’s to say nothing of his purchasing habits, which include a nine-foot tall pyramid-shaped tomb for his future use, located in New Orleans’ famous St. Louis Cemetery No. 1.)

“I think there has to be some unusualness to be able to be in a relationship with me,” Cage told The New York Times Magazine in 2019. “I feel things very deeply. I have had melancholia my whole life. I am sensitive to my environment. I have to be in order to do what I do. And I can’t just go to a pharmacy and say, ‘Hey, let me have some Prozac.’ I can’t do it, because that would put my instrument at risk. If I can’t inform the dialogue with genuine emotional content I will be a phony on camera, and I don’t want to be that.”

Well, the last thing you could ever call Cage is “phony”—and his zeal for jumping into relationships proves that. Read on for a complete history of his wives and relationships.

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Who is Nicolas Cage's current wife?

Nicolas Cage has been married to Riko Shibata since February 2021. One thing that attracted the Oscar-winning actor to his current spouse? Her love of exotic animals.

"I asked her, 'Do you have any pets?' And she said, 'Yes, I have flying squirrels.' She had two sugar gliders… I thought, 'That's it. This, this could work out,'" Cage told ET.

How old is Nicolas Cage's wife Riko Shibata?

Riko Shibata turned 30 this year and Cage turned 59, making him 29 years her senior.

What does Riko Shibata do for a living?

It's unclear what Riko Shibata, who is originally from Kyoto, Japan, does for a living, but some sources identify her as being an entrepreneur.

How did Riko Shibata and Nicolas Cage meet?

The couple met through mutual friends while Cage was in Japan filming his 2021 movie Prisoners of the Ghostland.

When did Nicolas Cage get engaged to Riko Shibata?

The couple got engaged shortly after meeting. “We were really happy together and we were really excited to spend that time together so I finally just said, 'Look, I wanna marry you,' and we got engaged on FaceTime,” Cage recalled on his brother Marc Coppola’s radio show in August 2020. Cage later joked that he knows he has a reputation for serial marriage, but he believes Shibata is truly The One. “I’m really happily married,” he told the Los Angeles Times in 2022. “I know five [wives] is a lot, but I think I got it right this time.”

When did Nicolas cage and Riko Shibata get married?

Nicolas Cage and Riko Shibata got married on Feb. 16, 2021, in what his rep described as a “very small and intimate” ceremony held at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas.

How many times has Nicolas Cage been married?

Nicolas Cage has been married five times. He married fellow actor Patricia Arquette in April 1995, but they separated less than one year later (and didn’t officially divorce until 2001). Cage then moved on with Lisa Marie Presley, whom he wed on August 10, 2002. They split after 107 days of marriage and finalized their divorce on May 24, 2004. Cage married his third wife, Alice Kim, on July 30, 2004. They separated in January 2016 and finalized their divorce later that year. Cage tied the knot with Erika Koike in Las Vegas in March 2019 but filed for an annulment four days later; they were divorced in June 2019. Cage is still married to his fifth wife, Riko Shibata, whom he wed on February 16, 2021.

Who are Nicolas Cage's wives?

Patricia Arquette

<p>Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images</p>

Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Nicolas Cage tied the knot with Patricia Arquette in April 1995 after meeting her in the 1980s at the famous Los Angeles restaurant Canter’s Deli. Cage and fellow actor Crispin Glover both proposed marriage to her, but she demurred, telling Cage she would only marry him if he could find a list of seemingly unattainable objects: a signature from J.D. Salinger, a Bob’s Big Boy statue and more. “One by one, they started coming to me,” Arquette recalled during a 2018 interview on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

Arquette eventually agreed to marry him, but news reports indicated that they separated only nine months later. She later claimed that wasn’t exactly true, telling The Telegraph in 2015: “There were times when we weren’t living together because we were fighting, but it wasn’t as reported and I didn’t feel that I needed to explain that. There were times when my mom was dying [from breast cancer in 1997] and I was living with her, taking care of her. There were times when he was away working on a movie. It was our thing. I still don’t feel like I owe it to anyone.”

The couple ultimately finalized their divorce in 2001.

Lisa Marie Presley

<p>Photo by L. Busacca/WireImage</p>

Photo by L. Busacca/WireImage

Cage met Lisa Marie Presley—the only child of Elvis Presley—at a party in 2000 while he was still married to Arquette. “She comes from an artistic family, I come from an artistic family,” Cage told Barbara Walters in 2003, explaining what drew him to Lisa Marie. “She was born with the pressure of an extremely famous name from day one, I was a young actor in Hollywood with the last name Coppola, trying to make it with those pressures.”

The couple walked down the aisle in Hawaii on Aug. 10, 2002, but they filed for divorce just 107 days later and finalized their split on May 24, 2004.

After Lisa Marie’s death in January 2023 at age 54, Cage said it was “devastating” to hear of her passing. “Lisa had the greatest laugh of anyone I ever met,” he told The Hollywood Reporter at the time. “She lit up every room, and I am heartbroken.”

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Alice Kim

Cage met Alice Kim at a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles where she was working as a waitress. They tied the knot on July 30, 2004, when he was 40 and she was 20. After welcoming son Kal-El in 2005, the couple separated in January 2016 after 12 years of marriage, finalizing their divorce later that year.

Despite their 20-year age difference, Cage later said he was surprised by their breakup. “It was a shocker for me—I definitely didn't see it coming,” he told The Guardian in 2018. “She was quite young when I married her and I don't really have any ill will towards what happened. That's all I'll say.”

Erika Koike

Cage was first linked to makeup artist Erika Koike in 2018. They got hitched in Las Vegas in March 2019, but Cage filed for an annulment just four days later, claiming that he was so drunk that he “lacked understanding of his actions” when they married. Their divorce was granted in June 2019.

Why did Nicolas Cage and Patricia Arquette get divorced?

Arquette has hinted that her and Cage’s ages contributed to the demise of their romance. She was 19 when they met and 27 when they married. Cage was 31 at the time of their wedding but had been famous for more than a decade. “It was just too fast and too much for me at that time,” Arquette said on WWHL in 2018, explaining why she didn’t marry Cage when he first began pursuing her.

In 2002, Arquette told Paper that it’s “always hard” to decide to get divorced. “We’ve both moved on with our lives, and I think it’s important to honor the people we’re with now and concentrate on the future,” she added.

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Why did Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley get divorced?

In 2003, Cage hinted that the same thing that drew him to Lisa Marie is what led to their split. “There was a logic to it, there was a sense to it. But oftentimes when you have two people who are very strong in their own personalities and rather intense … you can have a hard time meshing,” he told Barbara Walters in 2003. “We got into this unfortunate pattern of breaking up, getting back together again, breaking up, getting back together again.”

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Does Nicolas Cage have kids?

Nicolas Cage shares three children with three different women. He became a father in 1990 when he and then-girlfriend Christina Fulton welcomed son Weston. Cage and his third wife, Alice Kim, had son Kal-El (named after Superman’s birth moniker) in 2005. In 2022, Cage’s fifth wife, Riko Shibata, gave birth to their daughter, August Francesca.

Cage is also a grandfather thanks to Weston, who has two children of his own.

Who are Nicolas Cage’s famous girlfriends through the years?

Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields and Nicolas Cage at the Moonstruck premiere in 1987. <p>Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images</p>
Brooke Shields and Nicolas Cage at the Moonstruck premiere in 1987.

Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Cage very briefly dated Brooke Shields in the late 1980s. Neither of them has publicly commented on their rumored relationship, but they attended the premiere of his movie Moonstruck together in 1987.

Christina Fulton

Cage began dating Christina Fulton in 1988. The couple welcomed son Weston in 1990 and split up shortly thereafter. Fulton later claimed that she largely brought up Weston by herself. "For 18 years, I raised Weston so Nicolas could go be Nicolas Cage, and go be a superstar, and he did," she told CNN in 2011. "So I raised this boy, 24-7 we were glued to the hip." A lawyer for Cage, meanwhile, told the network that Fulton’s comments were “absurd.”

Kristen Zang

Cage started dating actress Kristen Zang in 1992 while she was still a teenager. He popped the question when she was 19, but the couple split after two years together and never made it down the aisle.

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